Subject: Business English
1. Topic-
Career Management
2. Content-
Handouts of new management vocabulary. Listening and reading on
Career management. Key vocabulary :career, skills, experience/ salary, leadership, pressure, overtime, CV,atmosphere, company
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-

To be able to broaden the vocabulary when talking about the management so the students can broaden their conversation. To be able to listen and understand. To use the read information in conversation.

1.To perfect talking in the present and past.

2 To be able to talk about management with more advanced language.

4. Objectives-

1.To have the students to be able to meet an English speaking person in the business environment and be able to have a small talk with a broad variety of subjects.
2.To be able to talk about the management with advanced language
3.To be able to use the quotes of the famous people to develop the arguments.

4. To see if the can distinguish between the roles of a manager and a leader.

5. Materials and Aids-
Handouts, video " Job Interview" and the smartboard.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Good afternoon everyone . Today we will advance our small talk about simple things concerning the Career Management. We all know how to talk about simple things concerning the career so today we will learn more advanced terms. Also we will continue our conversation "Dream Job" and work on our past verbs through simulation and practice.

B. Development-

1.Practice with handouts, listening and reading. Show the video for a warm up. Go over some known words then have them do some practice sentences using the words in the shaded circles students will complete the advice of four American business leaders on how to get ahead in business. Then we will practice some more advance words about the management.

C. Practice-

1.Practice our conversation "Dream Job". Continued practice of their conversations.

D. Independent Practice-

Simulation game "Passing the interview to use and practice the known words.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Parallel instructions, overlapping instructions, additional instructions.

F. Checking for understanding-

Listen and see if they use a variety of the new management words in their conversations.

G. Closure-

We will continue broadening our vocabulary on the career management next week then we will move on to describe the features of successful manager and leader.
7. Evaluation-
Students will take a management vocabulary test the following week. It will include all types of words we have covered this far in the course.
8. Teacher Reflection-
OK everyone as we continue our conversations in the next few weeks of learning English for Business I want to be sure that you can use the vocabulary you have learned.

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