Subject: Resume 101
1. Topic-
Preparing an Ideal Resume
2. Content-
Applicants that are job searching will be able to customize a resume that directly speaks to their industry of preference and or targeted job/position.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Trainees will be able to identify the importance of up to date contact information.
2. Trainees will be able to understand the difference between a functional, chronological and hybrid resume formats as well as the aesthetics of industry resume trend formatting.
3. Trainee will be able to identify standard industry skill, personal transferable skill and vocalize their value to an interested employer.
4. Objectives-
1. Trainee will be able to present their resume orally in a brief reverse chronological order as a 30 Second Elevator Pitch to serve as an overall class evaluation tool for instructor
2. Trainee will be able identify a minimum of 15 skills that their industry requires in order to claim proficiency.
3. Trainee will be able to present various scenarios based on their skill sets that will ensure employer considering trainee for employment a level of comfortability and confidence with regards to job experience and individual maturity.
5. Materials and Aids-
15 Beautiful Things about You - Worksheet
15 Top Industry Skills Needed to Succeed - Worksheet
Resume Format Breakdown w/ 2 Examples - Worksheet
30 Second Pitch Exit Interview - Worksheet
15 Minute Break Assignment - Review and Questionnaire - Am I worth dedicating myself to this job search process and why?
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Instructor will ask workshop attendee's if they would allow for the instructor to demonstrate how to have an fun discussion with someone who wants to desperately give them lots of money.
2. Instructor will ask workshop attendee's if they would be willing to participate in being open and able to receive the money they are due.
3. Instructor will ask workshop attendee's if it will be OK for him/her to make sure that workshop attendees are able to get the money that they are seeking as a way to help instructor and the attendee's family stabilize and do great things.

B. Development-

1. Instructor will go first, lead by example and tell the class 15 great and amazing things about him/herself. Using Jay Z. Quote "I never ask for nothing I don't demand of myself" quotation.
2. Instructor will state 15 industry standard skills that ensure that he/she is worth their base salary ($1.00 per skill) and potentially be considered for future considerations of promotions and salary increases.
3. Instructor will demonstrate by way of role play what an appropriate 30 second pitch is.

C. Practice-

1. 15 Beautiful Things
2. 15 Industry Standard Skills
3. Resume Development Worksheet
4. 30 Second 2nd Round Pitch

D. Independent Practice-

1. After a 15 minute break of total and absolute silence, instructors will ask a minimum of 5 workshop attendee's to go over one of the 15 thing assignments to gauge overall class, personal and professional commitment as well as proficiency.
3. Individual exit interviews will be conducted with a critic sheet so that an informed assessment can be made as to an attendee's strength and weakness with regards to personality, belief and proficiency.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. A total of 2 opportunities will be provided for a workshop attendee to be considered for employment.
2. If an attendee has particular difficulties with assigned tasks then the instructor will have 1 quick check in to ask the attendee to release all worry and give it a blind faith filled effort.
3. 1 Supportive Material Worksheet Quote sheet regarding Fear/Looking Good will be provided as an encouragement tool to workshop attendee's experiencing difficulties to push/stretch them past their personal belief system and experientially demonstrate that they are more than capable.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Workshop attendee's will be able to proficiently identify a large number of character traits within themselves that speak to their intrinsic value as great people.
2. Workshop attendees will be able to speak to their chosen professions and illustrate how they have become masters at their craft. By demonstrating this ability, the general concept of industry mastery and specialization will provide workshop attendee's with a replicable formula/model that can be utilized across the board within any other industry of interest.
3. Classroom energy and overall commitment to participation will ultimately serve as the litmus test/evaluation tool. The workshop will be framed as a opportunity to "sharpen your saw" so to say and assist attendee's with a practical opportunity to be 100% clear intention-wise and have a definite job search purpose.

G. Closure-

1. Instructor will thank workshop attendee's and as sincerely as possible thank them for their time and commitment to their futures.
2. Each client that successfully completes their contractual expectancies will receive a graduation quotation. Their quotations will be tiered and evaluated by level of overall proficiency and vulnerability.
7. Evaluation-
1. 30 Second Exit Demonstration
2. Attendance forms will be rated by utilizing a number 1 or a number 2 signifying 1 job ready and 2 needs support.

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