Dangers of Labeling and Stereotyping
Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Students will be able to recognize the dangers of labeling and stereotyping themselves and those around them.
2.They will also recognize ways to avoid those behaviors and ways to build strong and meaningful relationships.
1.Identify skills needed to develop and strengthen interpersonal relationships.
2.Examine the effect of personal behavior on relationships
5. Materials and Aids-
-The Lifeboat Activity Worksheet
-Laminated Stereotype Labels
-Who Am I? Worksheet
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Hand out Lifeboat Activity worksheet and explain instructions. Have Students complete self-choice column individually.
2.Make groups and have each group complete group-choice column
3. With the whole class, go over the group answers and try to come to a class consensus (class-choice column)

B. Development-

1.Explain what labels are and how labels are given to individuals in society
2.Choose ten students and stick a laminated stereotype label on their forehead. They cannot see their label. The goal is for them to guess their assigned label.
3.Choose one of the ten labeled students and model the stereotyping activity by treating the student like his/her label until he/she guesses his/her label. Explain the maturity needed to understand that comments do not reflect the individual whatsoever.

C. Practice-

1.Have the rest of the class talk and treat each labeled classmate like his/her label until he/she guesses it and move on to the next labeled student.
2.Open up a class discussion about how each student was stereotyped based on their label.
3.Explain how stereotyping takes place based on first impressions and limited information
4. Explain the importance of broadening our perceptions and perspectives to prevent stereotyping people we can build a relationship with

D. Independent Practice-

1.Explain how stereotypes and labels can affect our self-esteem when we allow them to stick to ourselves.
2.Explain how each one of us is unique.
3.Pass out Who Am I worksheet. Have students individually complete it with information regarding their positive attributes and qualities

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Starting and emerging ELLs: Provide Lifeboat Activity worksheet in ELL's native language or use visual representations of the people in the ship.
2.Developing and Expanding ELLs:Prior to step 1 on development section, pair up students and ask them to brainstorm some

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