Subject: Values Education
The 4 Kids of Love
a) So that they could easily understand what they feel especially during crucial instance of being a teen.
b) To express love and appreciate love as way of life and not just as a simple attitude and emotion.
c) Allowing students to discover and understand their own feelings so that they can know themselves in the process.
Materials and Aids-
Strips of colored paper, (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)

A. Introduction-

The teacher shares his experience on matters concerning Storge. Eros, Philia, Agape.
Teacher's personal disclosure; (5 minutes each)
Storge- parent children relationship (family love)
Eros- romantic love with the one you love.
Philia- Friendship Love. It is not sexual in nature, though (in the right circumstance) it can lead to or complement Eros.
Agape- love is the selfless love for others.

B. Development-

Let the students relate to your own story so that they can on their own see themselves in your sorry. However, be cautious of their personal family situation by asking questions which can give you a hunch of their respected situations.
After relating your story, ask your students to write on a peace of paper (which you've provided) a person whom they consider in the following manner; (5 minutes)
Note: include on that piece of paper the student's name. If they don't have anyone in mind just let them skip.

Red paper: for storge love.
Green paper: for eros love.
Blue paper: for philia love.
Yellow paper: for Agape love.

C. Practice-

To promote self confidence and interpersonal skills, ask your students to group themselves into 5. In this activity, provide them with the following questions to collectively and easily assist in their groupings.

Guide questions for group sharing:
1. What instance did encourage you to write that person in that piece of paper? (for each paper/kind)
2. How did it affect your relationship with the person? Did it prosper or not? If yes, elaborate.
3. Would you also do the same thing to others? Please elaborate your answer.

D. Independent Practice-

Following this activity, let the students further examine their emotions by asking them to write a paragraph consisting at least 5 sentences on each of the persons which they choose for the 4 kinds of love respectively. (Good for 15 minutes)

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