Using Creative Dramatics by Utilizing Short Stories
This is an exercise chosen with the purpose of improving reading fluency and positive social interaction.

Expected Outcome Of This Lesson Plan-
1.Improve reading fluency
2.Function in a positive manner within a group
3.Comprehend emotion with dialogue.
Teacher Objectives-
1.Students will be expected to participate in the reading, review, discussion, and selection of a given set of books.
2.The students will be expected to perform in a dramatic reading (through practice) their parts fluently with 90% accuracy.
Books, Paper/Pencil,Laptop,Internet
Teaching Methods-

1. Lesson Introduction-

I chose this lesson Plan because there is the opportunity to allow all of my students to function on their individual reading levels while also being challenged. The students will act out´┐Ż a short story chosen from several choices that we will review together in the days leading up to the lesson. The stronger readers will be given the longer speaking parts while the lower level readers will be given shorter parts. We will read the story together and discuss reading comprehension before we practice the dramatic elements of the lesson. The students will be assessed on participation, comprehension, and reading fluency.

2. Lesson Progression-

1.Review/discuss/choose books
2.read/reread chosen book with class discussion
3.Act out book using dialogue with emotion

3. Guided Practice-

1.Review and discuss books.
2.Discuss different literary aspects of the book.
3.Guided practice of speaking parts.

4. Student Practice-

1.Practice speaking parts independently.
2.Quiet time to read on own.

5. Learner Accommodations-

1.Student 4 will have the stories read to her.
2.All books and speaking parts will be chosen with students' reading level taken into consideration.

6. Assessment-

There will be continual monitoring and constructive feedback throughout the lesson.

7. Lesson Closure-

The final portion of the lesson will consist of a 'performance' given to the rest of the class.
Measuring Student Progress-
The students will be assessed informally through observation as well as by their participation in the reading and discussion portion of the lesson. During the final reading, one teacher will assess reading fluency while the other assesses how the students interact with each other and how they perform their given parts.

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)