Grade: 5
Subject: Writing
What is a Blog?
What is the purpose of a blog?
How can we use this technology to enhance our learning?
Blog, Internet, safety, tribes agreements, positive feedback

Expected Outcome Of This Lesson Plan-
Students will be able to participate effectively and ethically in our classroom blog.
Teacher Objectives-
1. Students will understand what a blog is.
2. Student will understand how to use a blog and its purpose
3. Students will actively participate and blog with classmates.
laptops, ELMO, Blogs in Plain English (video)
Teaching Methods-

1. Lesson Introduction-

1. Read short article about blogs from
2. Discuss blogs we have seen on the Internet
3. Discuss what the purpose of the blog is.
4. Go over Internet safety and TRIBES Agreements.

2. Lesson Progression-

1. Show students our class blog (attached to class website).
2. Show students how to write a comment
3. Post the comment so students can see what it looks like.

3. Guided Practice-

1. Have a blog ready for students to respond to: What is a blog?
2. Require students to comment on the topic during class time.
3. Discuss comments once everyone had a chance to submit their ideas.

4. Student Practice-

1. Students will respond to teacher's blog daily.
2. Students comments will be monitored by teacher and discussed in class.
3. Mini lessons will be taught if necessary.

5. Learner Accommodations-

Students that need accommodations will...
-get extended time to respond to the blog.
-be required to answer only a portion.
-be required to answer only 2-3 times a week.

6. Assessment-

1. SurveyMonkey - What is a blog?
2. SurveyMonkey - Temperature check (What do they like/dislike? How can we use this tool to enhance learning and improve achievement?

7. Lesson Closure-

1. Go over SurveyMonkey results with students.
2. Open discussion on areas we can improve.
Measuring Student Progress-
1. General Learner Outcomes
2. Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS III)

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