10/18/2010 Grade: 2/3 grade
Eileen Matos Subject: ESL
Unit 2
From Seed to Sandwich
Oral Developmnet
Key Vocabulary:
in between

Expected Outcome Of This Lesson Plan-
1.SW synthesize the meaning of the daily academic vocabulary word
2.SW ask and answer questions
3.SW segmnet words into syllables
4.SW practice using key words
Teacher Objectives-
1.In their study of academic vocabulary the students will be able to define the word subject and use the word to answer in writing
2.In their study of language structure the students will be able to repeat, ask and answer yes/no questions orally.
3.In their study of phonological awareness the students will be able to listen to different songs and repeat sounds and rhythms.
4.In their study of vocabulary the students will be able to synthesize key words by completing writing activities based on their ability level.
Academic Vocabulary worksheet and transparency; Picture Cards: C16, C23, C24; 2 colored chips or blocks and mat per child; Phonics Street Kit: Songbook 2 pp. 6-7, Rhyme card 28, read alone phonics stories; Language songs Big Book pp. 10-11; Song CD 1
Teaching Methods-

1. Lesson Introduction-

1.Discuss with students the content and language objectives for this lesson
2.Using the overhead transparency introduce the word "subject". Explain that this is the academic vocabulary word they will define today
3.Introduce the message for today and explain that they will make a chart to show where some plants grow
4.Show students list of key vocabulary words (see poster on board)

2. Lesson Progression-

1. Academic Vocabulary: SUBJECT (see Daily Academic Vocabulary)
• Pronounce the word and point out the part of the speech. Have students repeat the word (choral) several times. Pronounce the word by syllables and have students repeat (echo)
• Read the definition and paraphrase using simpler language if necessary. Repeat definition and explain word as needed.
• Read the example sentence and then have students read it with you (choral). Discuss how the word is used in the sentence
• Check for understanding by asking students to paraphrase definition & use in a sentence.
• Assess students with Day 1 worksheet
• Review and discuss answers
2. Message for Today (see pp, T78e)
• Write message (see p. T78e) and insert name of a vegetable. Read message aloud. Show Picture cards C16,C23,C24 and insert them in sentence. Read the message with each picture card.
• Explain how some vegetables grow. Create chart to show where each plant grows (above ground, below ground, in between)
3.Model/Teach/Practice how to ask and answer Yes/No questions (see p. T78f)
• Tell students that you ask questions to get information. Model
• Create Yes/No questions chart (see p. T78f)
• Practice asking and answering questions using the Inside-Outside Circle Cooperative Learning Strategies (see p. S12-13)
4.Phonological Awareness (see p. T78g)
• Distribute 2 colored chips and 1 mat per student. Use chips and mat to segment words into syllables.
• Practice activity with word popcorn. Continue with words listed on p. T78g
• Listen and sign songbook pp. 6-7.
• Present rhyme card 28 and read the words. Have students repeat.
• Have students read the Read Alone Phonic Story
5. Key Vocabulary (see p. T78)
• Display Big Book pp. 10-11 and ask students to sing along.
• Use defining sentences to introduce the words. Read definitions.
• Students practice vocabulary words

3. Guided Practice-

Use the Multi-Level Strategies to provide practice for students at all proficiency levels.

4. Student Practice-

Beginning: Show Me –
Intermediate: Play I Spy
Advanced: Personal Experience

5. Learner Accommodations-

Beginning: Show Me –
Intermediate: Play I Spy
Advanced: Personal Experience
See page T78

6. Assessment-

1.Ask students how to start each question:
_______the jacket in the closet?
_______the window have a curtain?
2. Write the defining sentences omitting the key words and ask students to fill in the correct word.

7. Lesson Closure-

Revisit Big Book and sing the song using the key vocabulary words.
Measuring Student Progress-
The weekly vocabulary test will incorporate these words.

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)