Subject: Alphabet and Greetings
1. Topic-
Spoken English
2. Content-
Compliments or Greetings
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
teach the students how to introduce themselves and their friends to other people and compliment the others.
Also make them learn the Alphabet spelling.
4. Objectives-
Promote a short and basic conversation.
5. Materials and Aids-
Flashcards and worksheets
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Start the class asking some questions such as;
Hello! How are you?!
Are you fine?
What's your name?
Where are you from?

(5 min)
Let them brainstorm, and after demonstrate in a practical conversation with some student that has a bit more knowledge about the questions.

B. Development-

(15 min)
Show to them the different alternative of questions and answers used in Greetings, emphasize the variations among the personal pronouns: I/you/he/she/it...

(20 min)
After they have understood this part, you can ask some student What his first name is, and right after make the question:
How do you spell you name?
They will get a little confused because they won't probably understand the word "SPELL" but than you give to your pupils an example, you can spell your own name to them.
Then when you have it done, practice the Alphabet spelling with them.

(20 min)
OK, now that they already know the letters of the alphabet, you can make them practice the spelling by asking:
How do you SPELL your first name/ middle name/ last name/ nick name/ full name?
Keep practicing with them until they get used.
Afterwards, ask another student his or her telephone number and address(street number).
if the student doesn't say quickly, you tell them yours and then practice the numbers (from 0 to 10) with them.
Now they are ready to answer that question you asked, so ask again for them to keep practicing.


C. Practice-

(30 min)
Now they'll have the listening activity in the book, pages 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
Let's make a role-play,
tell the students to interview each other using the book on the pages 18 and 20.


D. Independent Practice-

(15 min)
Use to book to show them the Classroom commands and put the audio on page 22 for them to know how to use the commands.
On page 23, ask your pupils to quickly complete the blanks and practice with a partner afterwards they still have a listening in the same page as an example for them to fill out the gaps.

(10 Min)
On page 24 there is a listening comprehension, let them to do the short task on this page.

(15 Min)
Now is the reading practice, ask them to read in turns and when they finish, tell them to do the reading checkup on page 25.


E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

(20 Min)
Extra activities or exercises.

F. Checking for understanding-

Give feedback to your students!!

G. Closure-

(10 Min)
Now summarize the subject that they learned in this class, show a bit more the verb to be conjugation and contractions.

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