1. Topic-
The Lunch Box
2. Content-
Types of sandwiches,vegetables,fruits,desserts and drinks
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Students become familiar with the vocabulary related to a nutritious lunch

4. Objectives-
1.By the end of the lesson students will be able to demonstrate a correct usage of the vocabulary(they'll be able to name at least 3 types of sandwiches,vegetables,fruits,desserts and drinks)
2.They will be able to use the vocabulary in the proper context(they will distinguish the different types of food and they will know which one is a part of a nutritious lunch
3.They will be able to make a short dialogue using the phrases:"Do you Like?" and answers:"Yes,I do.";No,I don't"
5. Materials and Aids-
CD 1(p.67/68/70), Textbook (p.66/67/68/70/76),Activity book (p.64/67/68/69/74)
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.A short presentation of the new unit
2.Ask questions about the type of food they usually bring in their lunch box,divide the types of food into 5 categories (sandwiches, vegetables, fruits,desserts,drinks)
3.Ask them if they know the English words for some types of food)

C. Practice-

1.Listening activities (CD 1)
2.Speaking activities (Textbook)
3.Writing activities (Activity book

D. Closure-

1.What kind of food do you think you should have in your lunch box so it can be really nutritious?
7. Evaluation-
1.Informal:Observation on the students' using the new vocabulary in dialogues(conversation)
2.Informal:observation on students' writing exercises (ability to complete the written tasks)

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