1. Topic-
Holiday Traditions
2. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Learn about Swedish traditions
2. Learn about Finish traditions
3. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Tell the students about Swedish traditions. Explain to to them how the Swedish celabrated their Christmas, tell them about how it last longer then any other Christmas.

St. Lucia day they celibrated by having the eldest daughter dress up and give the family bread that she baked, with the star boys following behind her.

Tomte was the Swedish Santa. He was the protector of the house so it made sense to say that he was the one that put the presents underneath the tree.

2. How the Finish celibrated their Christmas.

They would have straw ordaments decorating their tree.

They also covered the floor with straw, but when they came to the US they would just put straw underneath the tree. The reason they would put straw all over the floor was because they didn't have much light during the winter months because of how far north they were, so the straw was to make the most of what they had of the little light, since straw reflects light.

They would also have the kids sleep underneath the tree on Christmas Eve to remember Jesus.

B. Practice-

1.Compare and contrast traditions that they did then to traditions that we do now.

C. Closure-

1.Go over what was taught with some questions.

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