Subject: Digital Storytelling Grade: Kindergarten
1. Topic-
Creating Book Trailers of Kevin Henkes books
2. Content-
Use a variety of age-appropriate technologies (Doodle Buddy, Pic Collage and Animoto)
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. To be comfortable using Doodle Buddy, and Pic Collage on the I PAD.
2. Identify characters, setting and major event
in Kevin Henkes stories.
3. Saving work on the I PAD
4. Produce a finished product that will have an impact on the audience.
4. Objectives-

1. With guidance and support from an adult students will explores a variety of digital tools to produce an illustration of a character or problem in a Kevin Henkes story.
2. Students will complete a page on Doodle Buddy and upload to Pic collage.
3. The children will collaborate with peers on story retelling and identifying the important parts.
5. Materials and Aids-
I Pad, Animoto, Doodle Buddy, Pic Collage
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

For a few weeks students will be working on story retelling learning about characters, setting, problem and solution. The class often watch book trailers prior to reading a new book. Students get very excited from watching book trailers. Students will learn that our next project on the I Pad will be making a book trailer to some of our Kevin Henkes books.

1.Reading and retelling books written by Kevin Henkes.
2. Learning about character, setting, problem and solution.
3. Watching and enjoying book trailers.
After we watched many book trailers students will learn that we will be making some book trailers of some favorite Kevin Henkes books! We will be sharing these trailers on our class blog and with Mrs. Cohen's class across the hall.


B. Development-

1. The group listed what we notice about book trailers. (Name It/ Notice It) pictures, music, action.
2. Students worked in groups creating a Tree Map illustrating and writing about the beginning, middle and end. .
3. Lots of demonstration on the I PAD during large group time (on the smart board).
4. At large group time, the group created illustrations(on the I Pad) to retell a Kevin Henkes story.
5. The students had these students read and talked about on many occasions.

C. Practice-

1. For many weeks students needed the opportunity to use Doodle Buddy.
2. With lots of support students learned to upload a picture onto another app.
3. Students learned to save their work.
4. For a few weeks students learned how to save their work to the photo library.
5. Students learned how to upload a picture to pic collage and add a background.

D. Independent Practice-

1. Students are give the opportunity to make a picture on the I PAD
2. Students retold parts of a story with words and with drawing.
3. Students uploaded work on the I PAD.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Writing the words for the students.
2. Working with small groups and large group.
3. Some students added text.
4. Teacher needed to type in the words on the Animoto app.
5. At group time students work together to think of words to match pictures.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Could the students work on a page independently?
2. Did the students save and upload?
3. Did the student understand parts of a story...setting, characters, problem and solution?

G. Closure-

1. Students helped add words to the picture.
2. The class previewed the video many times changing the music and slide presentation.
7. Evaluation-
1.Did the students create and save a page on Doodle Buddy?
2. Did the students learn parts of a book trailer?
3. Could students upload to Pic Collage and add to their work.
4. Did students have a deeper understanding of the characters and story?
8. Teacher Reflection-
I think this was a successful lesson. I think using Animoto was perfect for kindergarten because of the length of the video and the limited amount of text. Students were able to take part in the large group when previewing the video and some of it's option. I think this project will give students ideas for future ones.

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