1. Topic-
Describing the Color of Objects
2. Content-
Primary colors: rainbow colors, black & white, brown
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Theme goal: that students be able to apply any number of descriptors to their world
2. Lesson goal: that students be able to describe using colors
3. That students be able to use these descriptors and make the associations in writing as well as through speech
4. That ELLs will be able to use correct word order when employing adjectives with nouns
4. Objectives-
1. Students will use at least the basic colors introduced by the poster to describe things
2. Students will correctly identify at least the basic colors
3. Students will recognize color names in writing and reproduce it in writing
4. ELLs will continue to master the use of adjectives with nouns, esp. word order
5. Materials and Aids-
1. Large poster, with rainbow in background and a zebra next to a tree; the various colors labeled
2. Enough clearly colored objects scattered around the room to go around
3. Worksheet and picture handouts
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Describe items the teacher points out using previously learned methods
2. Teacher should confirm their responses by repeating, also adding in a color to describe it as a lead in

B. Development-

1. Using poster, talk about the colors that can be seen
2. Have students repeat the colors back; encourage them to mention other things they can think of with that color

C. Practice-

1. Get them seeing the colors in the room by having them get up and go pick out an item (toy?) of a specific color, or any item and saying what color it is; repeat a couple times
2. Lead into the game I Spy

D. Independent Practice-

Penmanship / association: sheet with the words of colors in dashed outline for them to trace, followed by a space for them to write it, followed by an object to be colored using the specified color

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Enlarged sheets for anyone with poor eyesight
2. Color words on poster translated into L1 for ELLs

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Teacher should walk through room watching as they fill out the sheet, taking note of any issues
2. Teacher will divide them into groups, who will each be assigned on of the pictures; they will pick a spokesperson who will share the group description (including previously learned descriptors) with the class and teacher

G. Closure-

1. Remind them to bring their favorite item from home for Friday's show and tell (in which they will employ all descriptors thus far learned to describe their item)
2. Hand out a picture for them to color for fun at home, explaining that the best ones will be hung on [some special board of honor]; take up filled-out sheet at the same time
7. Evaluation-
1. The filled out sheets can show how well they understood the written version of a color and how well they associated the color with its name
2. The discussion times can show how well they understand and associate when it's spoken
3. ELLs should be watched during speaking that they are putting the adjective with the noun properly

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)