1. Topic-
Shake Your Head
2. Content-
Fun Talk 2 pg. 42
Listen and Do pg. 42
Listen and Repeat 2 pg. 43
Sing!Sing! pg. 43
Talk and Play 2 pg. 43
Listen and Read pg. 44
Read and Write pg. 44
Read and More pg. 45
Read and Play pg. 45
Sounds and Letters pg. 45
Chant! Chant! pg. 45
4th Grade Teacher's Resource Book pgs. 10-11
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students will be able to follow the instructions to shake or raise body parts.
2.Students will be able to sing "Shake your head"
3. Students will be able to play the robot game.
4.Students will be better able to read the body parts.
5.Students will be better able to write the words for 6 body parts.
6.Students will be able to successfully complete a dictation.
4. Objectives-
1. Increase Student-Student interaction
2. Decrease Teacher fronted Time.
5. Materials and Aids-
Text Book pgs. 44-45
Teacher's Resource Book pgs. 10-11
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

a. What day is it today?
b. How's the weather?
c. How are you?
2. Ouch my ________ hurts.
3.Simon Says- Game

B. Development-

1. Fun Talk 2
a. Students look at the pictures and make predictions about what is happening.
b. Students watch the CD-Rom animation.
c.Student's answer questions.
2.Listen and Do
Students follow the motions.
a. Raise your arms!
b. Shake your shoulders!
c. Shake your legs!
3. Listen and Repeat 2
a. Mom: Shake your shoulders.
Lucy: Okay.
Mom: Good.
b. Mr. Gim: Raise your hands.
Andy: Okay.
Mr. Gim: Good!
c. Bora: Raise your legs.
Andy: Okay.
Bora: Good. Shake your feet.
Andy: Okay.
Bora: Good.
4. Sing!Sing!
Shake Your Head
Touch your head. Shake your head.
Touch your shoulders. Shake your shoulders.
Raise your arms. Shake your arms.
Touch your legs. Shake your legs.
Ouch! My leg hurts. That's too bad.

C. Practice-

1.Talk and Play 2.
a. Let's play robot game.
b. Get in your groups of 5-or 6.
c. One of you will be the robot and the others will be repair team.
d. I will show the robots a picture card from pg. 151. That is where you have a problem.
e. Now the techs will try to solve the problem by telling you to raise or shake certain things.
f. Do what they say.
g. But if it matches the card say "Ouch my ____ hurts.
h. Techs then wrap the broken part as fast as they can by wrapping it in TP.
i. Change robots and take a new card for the problem.

Part 2

1.Read and Play
a. Students get the cards from pg. 151.
b. Students review the cards as a group.
c. Students get in groups of 5-or 6.
d. Students put all their cards together and mix them up.
e. Students take turns reading cards and drawing the body part. The vfirst team to complete an entire body wins.

2.Sounds and Letters
a. M- Mom Mouth
b. N- Nose Nine
c. Write Mom Mouth nose and Nine.
3. Chant! Chant!
M and N chant


D. Independent Practice-

1. Teacher's Resource Book pgs. 10-11
Students write the 6 body parts and M and N words several times.
2. Students complete a short dictation.
1. My head hurts.
2. That's Too bad.
3. Mom gave dad nine pizzas.
4. This morning I hurt my nose and mouth at breakfast.
E. Closure-

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)