1. Topic-
To make strawberry a sundae.
2. Content-
To help a group produce a strawberry sundae in a hygienic way and to promote healthy eating.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. introduction 5min
2. discuss hygiene and healthy eating 10min
3. Demonstration 15min
4. Group work 20min
5. Present the work 5min
6. Evaluation 5min
4. Objectives-
1. Discuss food hygiene
2. Discuss healthy eating
3. To be able to produce a healthy strawberry sundae
4. Discuss the educational theory used.
5. Materials and Aids-
575g Strawberries
grated rind of 1 orange
juice of 2 large oranges
juice of 1 lime
1 tablespoon clear honey
250g Greek stile yogurt or fromage frais
4 mint sprigs or chocolate for decoration
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Wash hands
2. Prepare ingredients
3. Clean work surface

B. Development-

1. Hull the strawberries, cut in half with sharp knife. Place in a large glass bowl.
2. Add half the orange rind, the orange juice, lime juice and honey to the strawberries.
3. In a small bowl, mix the remaining orangerind with the yogurt or fromage frais.
4. Starting with the strawberries, put alternate layers of the strawberry mixture and the yogurt mixture into 4 dessert glasses, finishing with a tablespoon of the yogurt mixture.
5. Decorate each sundae with a mint sprig or grated chocolate.
6. 4 large glass bowls

C. Practice-

Group should follow above instructions

D. Independent Practice-

Same as above

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Can use other fruits

F. Checking for understanding-

Walk around groups and give support if needed

G. Closure-

Groups to inform once finished task
7. Evaluation-
Fill evaluation sheet

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet. com)