1. Topic-
French - Futur Simple des Verbes Irr�guliers
2. Content-
-75 minute lesson
-contin uing to work with the future simple
-starting to look at irregular verbs in the future simple (basic 4)
Vocabulaire: aller, faire, avoir, etre
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
Students should be able to demonstrate the following curriculum expectations:
1. WRITING - identify and use appropriate language conventions* in their written work
2. READING - identify and understand language conventions* used in their reading materials
3. WRITING - create short, simple written texts in structured situations
*Specific language structures that students should recognize and use:
verbs - future simple of irregular verbs
4. Objectives-
1. Students are asking questions to me and to other students in their desk groups
2. Noise level is reasonable
3. Making connections between the regular and irregular verbs
5. Materials and Aids-
1. Handout
2. Worksheet
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

15 minutes
Write on blackboard:
1. Ma soeur est medecin dans 10 ans.
2. Vous avez un chien la semaine prochaine.
3. Je vais e ecole demain.
4. Nous faisons nos devoirs cette fin de semaine qui vient.
Ask them why the sentences are not right and what we have to change to get them in the suture tense.

B. Development-

15 minutes
1. Hand out sheet with review of future simple endings and roots of the 4 irregular verbs
2. Explain how the verbs change and that they still use the same future simple endings as regular verbs; only the roots are different.
3. Ask students to change the sentences on the board to the proper tense.

C. Practice-

30 minutes
1. Hand out worksheet and tell students that they have 30 minutes to work on it and it is going to be taken up at the end of the class so they need to do their best to finish
2. Students may quietly discuss the questions with other desk group members to try to figure out answers

D. Independent Practice-

1. Assignment on Friday - writing an invitation to or a poster for a special event: student must use at least 2 verbs in the future simple

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Handout serves as a template for students for how to create the future simple with the irregular verbs
2. Leave sample sentences on the board for the entire work period for students to refer to
3. Make sentences on worksheet relevant to the students' lives and modern day media
4. Walk around during the work period to answer any questions and check if there are students who are having a lot of difficulty. If there are, then discuss the instructions and concepts with them to try to clarify the work.
5. If there are any students who finish early, ask them to write a few sentences in future simple using the irregular verbs to describe things that they will be doing the rest of the week or on the weekend.
6. Let students know if/when there will be an extra help session.

F. Checking for understanding-

10 minutes
1. Collect worksheets and hand them out to other students
2. Take up the worksheet and have students correct their peers' work in red pen
3. Have student marker give the marked worksheet back to its owner

G. Closure-

5 minutes
1. Tell students to stay seated, not to start packing up, and go around to each group and write down what the students' scores were on the worksheet
2. Remind students that they should review the structures because they will be on an assignment on Friday.
7. Evaluation-
1. Quiz on future simple (regular and irregular) next week
2. Poster/invitation assignment on Friday

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