1. Topic-
Understanding the NYS French Regents Exam
2. Content-
Practice strategies for success on the state assessment. Vocabulary and key phrases, verb review sheets, and Power Point of successful strategies for practice.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.increase comfort with test format
2. identify key words/phrases helpful for writing and writing
3.reading strategies for multiple choice
4. Objectives-
Student can
1.write a 100 word essay in France on a given task
2.complete 6 utterances without errors on a given speaking task
3. receive a passing score on a practice exam
5. Materials and Aids-
Castle Learning for practice exams
previous year's exams
Smart Board
Power Point
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

3-2-1: What are your feelings about the Regents exam?
3 things you know
2 things you want to know
1 thing you are worried about

B. Development-

1.describe the test format
2.introduce writing strategies
3.introduce speaking strategies

C. Practice-

Asking important questions.
Students use pictures they brought to class to formulate questions in English.
1) Student A says as many questions related to the image as possible in 60 seconds. Student B writes down the questions. At the end of 1 minute Student B offers feedback, proposing other questions that could have been asked.
2) Students switch roles/pictures.
3) Class discussion: Did Student A think of every question? Did Student B help? Did you look beyond the picture?
4) What is the point of this activity?
5) Can you put these questions in a logical order? How is a story told?
6) Now tell the story of your picture.
7) Can you tell the story in French?
8) Key words/phrases.

D. Independent Practice-

1.write a 100 word story about your picture
2.practice speaking tasks with a partner
3.castlelearning.com practice exam for multiple choice

F. Checking for understanding-

1.speaking performance
2.key questions
3.what key phrases

G. Closure-

1.What did you learn?
2.Is your fear still there?
7. Evaluation-
1.success on practice exams
2.progress in speaking and writing fluency

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