1. Topic-
10A "How to continue a conversation"
10B "How to talk about a career"
10C "How to talk about what happened"
10D "How to talk about life stories"
2. Content-
Vocabulary: buy, go, have, meet, see, last night, last week, art gallery, Did you have a good weekend?, Oh really?, What did you...?, go away, go out, go for a swim, bought, did, got, left, made, went, arrive, interview, job, join, stay, study, come in, got married/a job, sit down, thank you for coming, job, rob, after that, for a while, for six months, dead, die, died, drank, gave, hated, kill, left, paid, plan, planned, put, saw, use, crime, detective, good-looking, must, poison, somebody, toothpaste, married, whodunnit, fell in love, go wrong, got rich, army, businessman, engineer, farmer, scientist, moved, returned, spoke, started, studied, certificate, history, primary/high school, subject, university, and then, in 1863, When he was nine, became, chemical, could, dangerous, dynamite, ill, medicine, peas, price, sciences, won, etc.
Grammar: Past simple, Irregular verbs, Irregular past forms.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. ss to be able to practice and improve all their English skills; speaking, listening, reading comprehension, writing.
2. ss would have learnt new structures, same they will know how to use in daily real life situations.
4. Objectives-
1. At the end of the class ss would have learnt new vocabulary, same they will know how to use it in diff. contexts, also ss will know how to pronounce it correctly.
2. at the end of the class ss would have learnt the difference between regular and irregular verbs, besides they will have learnt past and pp forms of some irregular verbs.
3. ss will be able to use past simple to talk about past events in their lives.
5. Materials and Aids-
student book, markers, sheets (teacher elaboration), whiteboard, workbook.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. teacher will present new vocabulary of each lesson to his ss.
2. In case ss don{t know the meaning of any word, teacher will give the meaning in English, in case ss don{t understand it, teacher will give it in Spanish.
3. ss will practice the pronunciation of that vocabulary.

B. Development-

1. warm up (teacher by asking questions, or by talking about new topic will introduce tne new topic to his ss)
2. teacher will explain grammar section using sheets he has ellaborate.
3. In case any ss doesn´t understand what teacher has explained, teacher will explain once again trying to use diff contexts and examples.

C. Practice-

1. ss will answer exercises on student book of each lesson.
2. teacher along with his ss will review the answers of those exercises.

D. Independent Practice-

1. ss have to apply new knowledge by solving themselves the "ABCD put it all together" at the end of each lesson.
2. ss can practice what they have learnt by answering the workbook drills *HOMEWORK*

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