1. Topic-
Contractions with the Word "NOT"
2. Content-
Students will review how to form contractions using the word not in order to be prepared for their upcoming assessment.


Ask and answer questions about what a speaker says in order to gather additional information or clarify something that is not understood.

Produce complete sentences when appropriate to task and situation.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students will review via think, pair, and share what is a contraction.
2. Students will model using their hands how to form contractions with the word not.
3. Students will apply and synthesize what they know about contractions as they complete their independent practice.
4. Objectives-
1.Students will review what is a contraction
2. Students will demonstrate their understanding of how to form contractions using "not"
3. Students will complete the independent practice is 80% proficiency
5. Materials and Aids-
Flashcards with:
1. can not, can't
2. are not, aren't
3.does not, don't
Contractions work sheet
glue stick
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Teacher will ask, "What is a contraction?"
2. Teacher will instruction students to independently define "what is a contraction.
3. Students will pair share their definition of a contraction with their rug partners
4. Students will share out with the whole group what a contraction is using this sentence starter, "A contraction is...."

B. Development-

1. Teacher will distribute 6 flash cards with "not contractions
2. Teacher will inform students to find the word card that matches their contraction
3. Once word pairs are found, teacher will have students stand in front of the class with their partners.
4. Teacher will ask students to verify if the contractions are correct and why they are correct.

C. Practice-

1. Students will be provided the independent practice work sheet while seated on the rug.
2. The teacher will use an I, We, and You do method to roll out the assignment.
3. Students will watch the teacher solve the first contraction
4. Students will demonstrate for the teacher how to complete the second contraction.
5. Students will complete assignment at their desk

D. Independent Practice-

1.Students will complete the remaining portions of the assignment at their desk.
2. Students will color, cut, and glue each contraction into its given space until all 11 are completed.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Extra time will be given as needed
2. Early finishers will select three contractions and write sentences with them.

F. Checking for understanding-

Teacher will monitor by circulating the room while students are working to verify they are completing the assignment correctly.

G. Closure-

After 20 minutes, the students will stop working and return to the rug area to review what they have completed.
7. Evaluation-
The teacher will state, " Think about one thing you learned about contractions today?," Now inform your partner about what you learned about contractions," and the students will share aloud what they learned about contractions.

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