1. Topic-
Student will be Learning Nouns and Verbs
2. Content-
Subjects: Conflict Resolution, Grammar and Punctuation, Literature, Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences, Plot, Character, Setting, Story Elements, Literature Appreciation, Vocabulary, New Teacher Resources
Skills: Literary Elements, Plot, Character and Setting, Grammar and Punctuation, Vocabulary, Descriptive Writing
Duration: 4 Weeks
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
After discussing nouns, the students will be able to identify the nouns in a sentence 8 out of 10 times accurately.
4. Objectives-
Students will:
Develop skills needed to respond to inferential and critical questions when reading
Utilize works of literature as springboards to writing
Develop vocabulary Develop oral and written skills
Compare and contrast nouns and verbs to other stories
Practice writing for a variety of purposes and audiences
5. Materials and Aids-
Language Arts Book
Worksheets Given
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Ask the students to think of a person, place, or thing. Have a few
students share their word. Tell the students that these types of
words are called nouns. Then have the students think of one thing
that they enjoy doing in their free time. Have a few other students
share their word. Tell the students that these types of words are
called verbs.

B. Development-

Step-by-step Plan:
1. Explain to the students that nouns are a person, place,
or thing.
2. Sing the Shurley Jingle for nouns (Gardner:
3. Give several examples of all kinds of nouns with the
students help. Classify these nouns on the chalkboard
as a person, place, or thing.(Gardner: Verbal/Linguistic,
4. Have students fill out the noun worksheet, listing as
many nouns in each category as
5. Explain that verbs are words that express action or a
state of being.
6. Sing the Shurley Jingle for verbs. (Gardner:
7. Write several examples of verbs on the chalkboard.
Have students give several examples as well while
having them act out the
verb.(Gardner:Verbal/Linguistic, Bodily/Kinesthetic)
8. Group students into groups of 4-5 students. Give the
students the pictures with the description at the bottom.
Have students work together to classify these pictures
as either a noun or a verb (Gardner: Interpersonal,
Visual/Spatial, Logical/Mathematical)
9. Give students the noun and verb worksheet, and have
them complete it individually.(Gardner:Intrapersonal,

C. Practice-

1.Jingle song
2.Circle the nouns and verbs
3.Give examples of nouns, place, and things

D. Independent Practice-

1.Read out of Language Arts book on page 248 the nouns story
2.Given your Language Arts book write down 10 nouns you read

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Student with Learning disability in reading comprehension:
During the lesson, make sure to explain and write directions
thoroughly. When calling on the student during the lesson, make
sure to give them a cue so they know to be ready to answer a
Student with ADHD: Have the student help pass out the papers at
the beginning of the lesson. During the lesson, explain the
activities thoroughly and, write directions on the board, and engage
the student by calling on them.
Student with Gifts and Talents in Creativity: Have the student
write a short creative story, identifying the nouns and verbs in the

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Students will ask for help
2. Use the textbook as a guide
3. Go on studyisland and practice

G. Closure-

Ask students to tell you examples of a noun and
verb (Bloom Level 1-Knowledge). Have them write 3 nouns and 3
verbs on a piece of paper and turn it in. Remind them that every sentence needs a noun and a verb.
7. Evaluation-
Teacher's observations of student preparedness, student work samples, and participation in group activities.
8. Teacher Reflection-
How did the students respond to the different activities? How well
were the students grasping the concepts? What activities did the
students enjoy the most? What activities did the students enjoy the
least? Are there any ideas that were created during the lesson that
would be beneficial to do the next time I teach this lesson?

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)