1. Topic-
Subject Verb Agreement
2. Content-
Rules and concept of subject verb agreement and being able to apply it to their own writing
3. Objectives-
1. The students will understand the concept of subject verb agreement and apply it to their own writing

2. The students will participate in planned practice and activities

3. When working with a partner, the students will successfully complete an action photograph with a singular subject and verb and a plural subject and verb
4. Materials and Aids-
Textbooks, whiteboards, interactive board, action photographs, worksheets
5. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. We will review what we did the lesson before.

2. I will then project a sentence on the board and have students tell me what is wrong with it.

3. We will review the rules on page 174

B. Development-

1. I will model throughout the lesson through the examples I give in the introduction

2. I will also explain the rules of subject verb agreement so that students can identify them in the practice questions

C. Practice-

1. We will begin the practice questions on page 174. We will do 1-5 together.

2. Students will then do page 175 numbers 6-10 on the interactive board

3. Students will then do numbers 11-15 on their whiteboards. Numbers 16-20 will be done together orally

D. Independent Practice-

1. Students will be paired with a partner and each pair will be given an action picture (Ex: Tiger in the jungle).

2. One student will write a sentence about the picture using a singular subject and verb. When finished, their partner will check it and underline the noun and circling the verb.

3. Partners now switch and now the student who checked it will write a sentence using a plural subject and verb while the other checks and underlines the noun and circles the verb

4. Example: If I have a picture of a tiger in the jungle, I could write: The tiger hunts his prey (sing.) or Tigers like to eat meat (plural)

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. LD students will be paired with a general ed student

2. LD students will have their homework worksheets read to them and will be allowed extra time or help if needed

F. Checking for understanding-

1. Throughout the lesson, I will check for understanding through the questions I ask. If students answer correctly, I know that they are staying on task and understand the lesson being taught

2. I will also know students understand through the questions I present on the board. If students identify the correct subject-verb agreement, I know they understand

3. I will also check for understanding if groups correctly write and check the singular and plural sentences on their pictures

G. Closure-

1. When the lesson is completed, I will ask students what they learned

2. We will go over a few rules from the beginning

3. Students will be given a worksheet over the lesson as homework
7. Evaluation-
1. Students will be informally evaluated throughout the lesson on their participation in the practice questions and partner activity

2. Students will be formally evaluated on the worksheets they turn in for homework

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)