1. Topic-
Imagery (your senses) as a form of figurative language
2. Content-
figurative language
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Learn about figurative language(purpose, types, etc.)
2.Learn how to find imagery
3.Learn how to use imagery
4. Objectives-
1. Discussions on figurative language
2. Participate in a 5 day imagery lab (along with other classwork) - Write descriptions of things keen to senses
3. (Re)write own song using many examples of figurative language & imagery [test]
5. Materials and Aids-
1.) definitions of terms for figurative language
2.) piece of writing with many figurative language examples
3.) blindfolds, paper, and list of adjectives for lab activity
4.) bowl of beads, glitter, or fuzzy balls for touch, Beethoven for hearing, hard rock candy for taste, perfume for smell, small rocks for sight
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. take pretest on figurative language
2. grade pretest, discuss each question
3. Figurative language song

B. Development-

1. Examine "" for examples of figurative language
2. Examine "" for examples of imagery

C. Practice-

1. Day 1 lab activity - bowl of small objects at each table(students blindfolded so that only the FEEL of the objects are used) each student has the opportunity to put their hand inside the bowl and after the bowls have been hidden, have them take off blindfold to take time to write a paragraph on the way the items felt to the TOUCH.
2.Day 2 - students are once again blindfolded (so they are only concentrated on the SOUND), take time to listen to a symphony orchestra song by Beethoven, take blindfolds off and write a paragraph on the way the music SOUNDS.
3.Day 3- students blindfolding is optional, have a bag of prepared rock candy, all clear but different flavored, students take time to explore the TASTE of the candy and write a paragraph about the way it tasted.
4.) Day 4- students blindfolding is optional, but the bottle of the perfume must be bare, whether by tape or pulling off labels, or pouring a small bit into a small plain spray bottle, after SMELL is dispersed, students take time to write a paragraph on the smell.
5.) Day 5- students are NOT blindfolded, each student is given their own rock (They may keep it if they want it) and take the time to explore it then write a paragraph on the way it looks. acute attention to detail visually & NOT the feel!

D. Independent Practice-

1.writing paragraphs for each set of imagery
2. worksheets in beginning on figurative language

F. Checking for understanding-

1.(re)write songs using as many examples of figurative language as possible.
2. short test/quiz on figurative language
7. Evaluation-
1. grading of tests
2. grading & discussion of songs

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