1. Topic-
The Rest Cure: Gender in Medicine and Literature

2. Content-
Students will examine both primary and secondary sources, fiction and nonfiction, in order to understand how a writer can use literature as social criticism. In Class 1, students examine a letter protesting the publication of "The Yellow Wall-Paper" as "El principito." They scan in class and reread closely "The Yellow Wall-Paper" to complete reading guide homework. In Class 2, students build on their comprehension of "The Yellow Wall-Paper" with further readings of the online materials, The Literature of Prescription exhibition and four digitized primary source readings. Students are assigned as homework to draft a short essay on a topic they have selected. In Class 3, students engage in a writing workshop where they provide and receive feedback and revise draft essays.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Understand how authors may use their literary works for social criticism.
2.Compose a written essay that demonstrates logical thinking and the
development of ideas for academic, creative, and personal purposes.
3.Discussion into a coherent, well constructed
response to a given writing prompt.
4.Internet searching
4. Objectives-
1.Provide a few examples of constructive feedback and model how to provide
feedback on the draft essay of another student.

2.If possible, arrange students in groups of four with at least one strong writer in each group. Once students are in the group, have them exchange papers. This exchange will happen several times the goal is for the strong writer to give feedback to each person in the group.

3.Use power point structure to present the essays and learn how to use it.
5. Materials and Aids-
Print-outs of the following online primary source documents."YELLOW WALL PAPER"""EL PRINCIPITO""THE CURE FOR DISEASE.This other two readings are available online for comparing other gender related to criticism
2)source of document online which I mention above.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Identify and evaluate the primary focus, logic, style, and structure of a text or
speech and the ways in which these elements support or confound meaning or purpose.
Come up with a PowerPoint in a projector for each group show their essays for every one can discuss in class.

B. Development-

1.Distribute copies of Class Discussion Rubric to students and review it so that students have clear understanding of how their discussion participation may be graded
2.Handout copies of the Reading Questions for each reading" to students whose homework for the next class is to reread the story more closely and complete the handout.

3.Tell students that they will work in teams to learn more about the medical
experts' perspectives on mental illness and gender.
4.Use technology to present the essays

C. Practice-

1. Observations of the review of the draft essays serve as assessment opportunities as well as the finished student essays to be collected
at the next class.

2.Student will be free to chose between doing a transparency or PowerPoint to present.

D. Independent Practice-

1.Do the homework assignment and design the essay in a PowerPoint in order to presented in class to be graded an discussed

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Cowork in groups
2.Thecnology involvement
3.They can find aids on my blog

F. Closure-

Come up to class with their final essay and presentations
7. Evaluation-
1.Essay Rubric
2.Have teams summarize their reading notes and record on transparency or PowerPoint
8. Teacher Reflection-
Students use a variety of technological and information resources libraries, databases computer networks, video) to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge.

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