1. Topic-
Short "a" CVC words
2. Objectives-
1. Students will be able to read (blend) individual short "a" CVC words with any single initial and final consonant sounds.
2. Students will be able to verbally and fluently identify these words correctly from a given list and label the vowel and two consonants within the words in order to display their knowledge of the CVC pattern.
3. Students will be able to distinguish a short "a" CVC word pattern from other word patterns.
4. After much practice, students will be able to read, spell, and identify CVC words within simple sentences/reading passages as well as create their own CVC words within personal sentences.
3. Materials and Aids-
Smart Board
CVC Mats
Scrabble Jr. Cheezits
CVC short a centers materials
word family booklets
word family cd's
4. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Review the alphabet sounds.
2. Review and focus on the short "a" sound and where we see this letter in words.
3. Introduce CVC words: "Today we are going to be learning about a new kind of word that has it's own pattern! It is a special word that always has three letters. This kind of word has a special name. We call this word a CVC word because the first letter is always a consonant, the last letter is always a consonant, and the middle letter is always a vowel. There is something special about this vowel. It is always the SHORT SOUND that that particular vowel makes. To help us learn this new kind of word today, we are first going to review our consonant and vowel sounds so they don't confuse us while we are trying to read our new words. Next, we are going to take some time to practice making, reading and labeling some new words that follow this CVC pattern. After we are comfortable with that, we will learn to spell our new words and read them in some simple sentences. Finally, we will get to write our own pieces of writing using this new pattern of words and draw pictures about our writings.

B. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Pair children up as needed for assistance
2. Children needing extra help will sit near the teacher

C. Closure-

1. Ask children if they can recall any of the short "a" CVC words they have created today.
2. Give a brief explanation of today's centers involving short "a" CVC words and assign children to stations.
1. Teacher will observe as students create words with the Cheezits on their plates.
2. Teacher will monitor students as they complete center tasks.
3. Teacher will see documentation of understanding in each child's Word Family booklet.
4. Oral responses during activities.

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