1. Topic-
Reading comprehension, expository text genre
2. Content-
Science, cross-curricular

Summarizing,main ideas,details

impact, inflate/de,terrain, pace, geologist,suspected, crater, organism, interplanetary,harsh,haze
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Student will be able to (SWBAT)

2. Discern main ideas and concepts presented in texts, identifying and assessing evidence that supports those ideas. Standard 2.3
4. Objectives-
1.Find the main ideas and identify supporting details in expository text

2.Use key points to write brief summaries of text

3.Evaluate the tittle of the reading passage
5. Materials and Aids-
T.E. of textbook pgs. 387-393

Two transparencies
Index cards
student writing journals, pencils

CT's visuals from related unit
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.State lesson topic...
"You are going to find the main ideas and supporting details from an article about the planet Mars"

Why is reading comprehension important?
(elicit class responses)
Connect skill to succeeding on upcoming test and in life

2.Let's begin by defining the main idea...
3.Explain transparency #1

B. Development-

1.Preview text by asking questions, see T.E. blurb
2.Give kids reason to read
3.Spark their curiosity
4.Show Transparency #2
5.Link bubbles to relationship between main ideas and details

C. Practice-

1.Choral reading, selective groups
2.Prompt s. to find main ideas/details after each paragraph
3.Fill-in G.O. with s. responses, correct as needed
4.Review context clues and model word analysis for new vocabulary
5.Refer to T.E. to scaffold word meanings
6.Give examples for "inter" prefix and "ist" suffix

D. Independent Practice-

1.Pairwork: s.write summaries and compare with each other
2.Move quickly between paragraphs!
3.S.read, write, and tell class
4.direct s, to evaluate the passage tittle
3.oral and written responses to "big questions":

?See tittle page of text
"Why don't the engineers land the pathfinder on different terrain than the viking?"
"What info about Mars has been retrieved.."

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Using visuals for content vocabulary/
2.calling on different groups for choral reading

F. Checking for understanding-

1.Class question:
2."Is the Mystery of Mars a good tittle for this reading?"
3."Why or why not?"
4.T. direction:
"please write a three sentence response to this question, using your index card and hand it in"

G. Closure-

1.Mention the authors and their direct experience of visiting planets
2.Show a picture of writers, and share space-shuttle tragedy
7. Evaluation-
1.Did I stay within 30-35 minutes?
2.Did kids follow all directions
3.What was the quality of their oral/written summaries and responses

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