1. Topic-
"Hello, I'm Bora":
Saying "Hello" and "Good-bye"
Good Morning!
2. Content-
Look and Guess pgs. 8-9
Fun Talk 1 pg. 10
Listen and Repeat pg. 11
Name Game
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students will learn the names of the characters in their text book.
2. Students will be able to greet and say good-bye in English.
3. Students will be able to say "Good-bye ______." To the character card the teacher shows them before leaving class.
4 1. Students will be able to differentiate between Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night.
5. Students will be better able to say and use the expressions "Good Morning." etc.
4. Objectives-
1.To get as many different students speaking throughout the class.
2. To improve my name face recognition of the class.
3. Decrease teacher talking time while increasing student talking time.
5 1. Improve name face recognition
6. Increase student talking time
7.Decrease the amount of Korean I use in class.
5. Materials and Aids-
pencils, pens
Text book
Cards for Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Greet Students
2. Ask them what day is it today? / How's the weather?
3. Slowly Reveal Picture
Teacher hides a picture of a time of day from behind a folder as the students try to guess what it is. When the students figure it out they shout answers as a group.

B. Development-

1. Teacher asked students to open their books to pgs. 8-9 and look at the pictures and make guesses about the characters?
ex. What is his/ her name?
What do you think he /she likes to do? Why?
2. Teacher than introduces the students to the 8 characters.
2. Fun Talk 1-
a. Teacher asked students to look at the pictures on pg. 10 and make some guesses about the pictures.
b. After listening to what the students say the teacher shows them the video from the CD.
c. Teacher then asked the students about the clip.
1. Who did you see in the video? (Answer: Bora, Tomtom and Bandi)
2. Where where they? (Outside)
3. What happened to Bora? (She fell in the trash.)
4. Who did Bora meet? (Tomtom and Bandi)

d. Teacher asked the students to listen to a portion of the video and match it with the pictures on pg. 10

1.Look and Guess pg. 7
a. Students are asked to look at the 4 pictures on pg seven and make some predictions about what is happening.
b. Making their predictions the Teacher shows a video clip to see how well the students predicted.

2.Fun talk 1 pg. 8
a. Students look at the pictures on pg 8 and tell the teacher who they see and what and when the people are doing what they are doing.
b. The teacher shows the video clip and then asked the students questions about what they've just seen.

3. Listen and Repeat 1 pg. 9
a. Lucy: Good Morning, Mrs. Han.
Mrs. Han: Good morning, Lucy.

Students repeat the dialog as is and then practice as a group with their Teacher.

b. Bora: Good Afternoon, Andy.
Andy: Good afternoon, Bora.

Students repeat the dialog as is and then practice as a group. They then work in groups of 2 or 3 inserting their names in place of Bora and Andy.

c. Lucy: Good night, Mom.
Mom: Good night, Lucy.
Students repeat the dialog as is. They are then given homework to say "Good night Mom." at home that night.


C. Practice-

Listen and repeat 1
1. Bora: "Hello."
Andy: "Hi."
Bora: "I'm Bora."
Andy: "I'm Andy."
Students practice the dialog once but then work with their friends by putting their own names in place of Bora and Andy.

2. Mr. Green: "Hello. I'm Jack Green"
Students: "Hello Mr. Green."

Students practice this once but then insert their teachers names in place of Mr. Green.

3. Bora: "Good-bye, Andy."
Andy: "Good-bye, Bora."

4. Name Game:1. Name Game- Students get into a circle and take turns saying the sentence "I'm (name.)" They then throw the ball to another student who says their own name.
After eveyone has said their name it changes to saying the name of the student they are throwing to. "Hi(name.)"
If time permits play a 3rd time with Good-bye ______."

Talk and Play 1 pg. 9

Students are split into 3 or 5 teams.
The goal of the team is to pass a card saying either "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night."
When the card reaches the end of the line the last student says the correct expression to the teacher. Who gives the team 1 point. The team can gain an extra point if the final player can throw a ball into a basket.
Each team is given 1 or 2 minutes to see how many points they can get.


D. Closure-

1. Teacher says good-bye to students as a group.
2. Students line up and say the key sentence "Good-bye (name)." as they leave.

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