1. Topic-
Argumentation and Debate:
Negative Position Speech
2. Content-
Much like the previous day, students will learn the two different positions involved with debate. The focus of this lesson will be on the negative position. Information will be given in terms of a Power Point presentation and class discussion. Students were asked to find a topic to present in class. Other subject matter will include going over key terms/vocab and impromtu speaking. Students will also be asked to give feedback on the speaking activities. Students will also watch a video clip involving the negative position in action.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Understand the negative position in debate
2.Understand the different types of propaganda a negative position may use
3.Practicing the negative position
4.View video clip involving the negative position
4. Objectives-
1.Students will be asked to discuss the affirmative position and the negative position
2.Students will be representing the negative position on the topics of their choice
3.Students will be asked to take notes throughout the presentation in order to fully comprehend the material given
4. Students will be ready to decide debate teams and topics and feel comfortable representing either side
5. Materials and Aids-
Power Point presentation, note cards for activity. and video clip
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

(5 Minutes)
1.Show video clip of the negative position
2.Take attendance while clip is being viewed by students

B. Development-

(15 Minutes)
1.Discuss the video clip and the differences it had compared to the previous day's lesson and the previous video clip
2.Show PP involving the negative position and the propaganda commonly used
3.Demonstrate some of the key terms/vocab given in the propaganda portion of the PP
4. Transition to the activity and hand out note cards to allow students to organize their thoughts on their position

C. Practice-

(20 Minutes)
1.Allow time for students to organize their negative position (see Independent Practice)
2.Students will give 1-2 minute speeches similar to the affirmative speeches the day before

D. Independent Practice-

(5 Minutes)
1.Students will be asked to organize a negative position on their chosen topics
2.Students will be asked to turn in their notecards after class for participation points

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-


F. Checking for understanding-

(5 Minutes)
1.Ask students to provide feedback on the speaking activities
2.Ask students to begin considering topic for the upcoming debate
3.(See Closure)

G. Closure-

1.Introduce reading homework involving the organization of a debate
7. Evaluation-
1.Did the students understand the negative position/propaganda?
2.Did the students benefit from the speaking exercises?
3.Are the students prepared to debate within the next two weeks?
8. Teacher Reflection-
To be completed after lesson

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