1. Topic-
Vocabulary revision and practice.Revising terminology for confectioners, topic FRUIT and NUTS - preparing for final exam in English.
2. Content-
Discussion about using fruit by the confectioners.Worksheet with vocabulary exercises, talking about fruit grown in our country and about exotic fruit.Listening about fruit used in teacher's family. Recipe - reading.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.to revise the terminology important for final exam (the terminology was taught in the 1st grade, so it's necessary to be reminded)
2. to be able to listen and understand
3. to be able to use "fruit vocabulary" in recipes
4. Materials and Aids-
5. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Today we are going to talk about fruit and nuts. We'll revise and practise the fruit vocabulary and use it in practice - in a recipe.
Let's discuss: Do you use fruit and nuts at the confectioner's? / Which fruit do you use? / What for?


B. Development-

Practice with a handout and listening. Show the PowerPoint and give the handout for practicing vocabulary.Listen and try to catch the words. What about your family / your experience? Read the recipe and rearrange the instructions.


C. Practice-

In vocabulary practice fill in the missing letters,, rearrange the letters, translate into Czech words into English, work with the pictures.


D. Checking for understanding-

Listen to see if they have the right pronunciation and check whether the spelling is right.

E. Closure-

We will continue on revising the terminology and we will practice the recipes.
7. Evaluation-
We will write a vocabulary test next week.
8. Teacher Reflection-
Students could remember the fruit vocabulary easily (especially short and common ones)- they can name the words, the problem is making sentences - we had to use Czech in introduction a lot. Filling the worksheet was O.K.- they worked individually. We had o lot of fun with the listening because my recorded voice sounds funny. We could try the same with students' voices! The listening was hard for somebody. Talking about family fruit recipes was done especially in Czech, we only translated the fruit used in recipes but it was good for students - they felt confident, it's their branch.

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