1. Topic-
Vocabulary Word Work
2. Content-
Play a game of Pictionary using 7th grade vocabulary words.
3. Objectives-
1.Student will be able to recognize vocabulary word at his grade band.
2.Student will be able to figure out a way to communicate the definition of the vocabulary word to other students.
4. Materials and Aids-
Paper, pencil, vocabulary words written on strips of paper, a jar to mix up the words, dictionary
5. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

First, I will explain to P. that we are going to be focusing on vocabulary words. Then, I will ask him if he has ever played a game of Pictionary. I will explain that we are going to be playing vocabulary Pictionary. I will have C. help me with this activity so that there is more than 2 people playing. Lastly, I will explain that one at a time we will choose a vocabulary word, then we have to figure out what the word is, what it means, and draw a picture to try and get the other players to guess it. The first player to guess the words will get a point. I will also explain that they will be allowed to use a dictionary.

B. Development-

I will pull one word from the jar, and proceed to draw a picture. I will model how I think thought was the word means, and also how to use the dictionary, if I do not know the word.

C. Practice-

We will play Pictionary, until all words are gone.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Since, C. is younger and not the focus student, he will be allowed to ask me for help with the words. I will however encourage him to try and use his strategies to decode them first.

Checking for understanding-

I will be using the informal assessment of observation to see how many words he can figure out, without the dictionary.
8. Teacher Reflection-
This lesson went excellent. He seemed to really enjoy it. There were a few words that he was not sure of, however, he used the dictionary, which is a great strategy. By the end, they wanted to play again, so we played a second game. He was able to get almost every word without the dictionary the second time. Even if it was just from memory, it was still a great improvement. I believe that if you continues to practices vocabulary words, this will increase his reading fluency, along with his reading comprehension. I think the only thing I would change, would be to have more children playing. When it is only two children and an adult, it is hard to not always guess the word, especially when going against a 3rd grader who does not know many of the 7th grade vocabulary words. However, I still feel as if the lesson was a success.

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