1. Topic-
Cursive Writing
2. Content-
Cursive letter T
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
Students demonstrate cursive writing skills efficiently from memory.
4. Objectives-
4.2 Letter Skills
Students demonstrate cursive writing skills efficiently from memory. Each student will:

A. Form lowercase letters correctly
B. Form capital letters correctly
C. Place letters on a baseline (within 1/16" above or below)
D. Write letters in a grade-appropriate size
E. Follow the writing guidelines of various styles of paper (single lines)

4.3 Connection Skills
Students join letters using standard, efficient connections to form words. Each student will:

A. Demonstrate correct baseline connections, maintaining letter integrity
1. Connect baseline ending to baseline start (e.g., t to e)
2. Connect baseline ending to midline start (e.g., c to a)
B. Demonstrate correct high connections, maintaining letter integrity
1. Connect a high ending to midline start (e.g., o to u)
2. Connect a high ending letter to baseline start (e.g., w to h, b to r)
C. Use appropriate spacing between connected letters (close together, NOT overlapping with only
connections touching)
D. Cross and dot appropriate letters after completing connected letters
E. Demonstrate correct connections from capital letters
1. Write signature in cursive using correct connections
2. Use correct connections for proper nouns

5. Materials and Aids-
Pencil, 2 Worksheets, Folder
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Review what letter the practiced from the other day which was the cursive letter S
2.Introduce the cursive letter T (upper case and lower case)

B. Development-

1.Demonstrate tracing the cursive letter T upper case and lower case
2.Demonstate writing the cursive letter T lower case and upper case

C. Practice-

1.Give out a worksheet
2.Have the students copy the sentences in cursive

D. Independent Practice-

1.Have the students write their own sentences and have the cursive letter T in them.
2. they will share their sentences when their done

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Remind them how to connect the cursive
2.Remind them that neatness

F. Checking for understanding-

1.Have students come to the board and and practice the cursive letter T

G. Closure-

1.Challenge the students to write their own sentences with all the words starting with the letter T.

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