1. Topic-
Place Value
2. Content-
Number Sense, Digits, Value of numbers
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
Students will be familiar with Base 10 Numbers
4. Objectives-
Students will understand that each number represents a value
5. Materials and Aids-
Colored Chalk, Personalized White Boards, Different Colored Dry Erase Markers,
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Using a colored piece of chalk, put a single digit number on the board (8).
2. Have the students identify the number.
3.Then add the number 1 using a different piece of chalk in front of the number 8.
4.Have students re-identify the number.

B. Development-

1.Explain to the students that the 8 would be in the ones place and the 1 would be in the 10's place.
2. Then add a 2 in front of the 18. Have students re-identify the number. Explain that the 2 would be in the 100's place.
3. Add a 4 in front of the 2, repeat the same process. Keep adding numbers until the students reach the Hundred Thousands place. Identify each value of the number.

C. Practice-

1. Using their white boards students will write out a number that the teacher says.
2. The students will then put up their white boards and show the teacher their answers.

D. Independent Practice-

Students will be given worksheets where they have to identify what each underlined digit is.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. Students will be given a colorful place value chart.
2. Students will have Base 10 Blocks to use.
3. Differentiated worksheet

F. Checking for understanding-

Worksheet for homework that will reiterate what what taught in class.

G. Closure-

1. Ask the students to tell you 3 things they learned from the lesson.
2. Students can verbally explain how place value works.

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)