1. Topic-
The Mi'kmaq Creation Story
Probability & Other Math Skills
2. Content-
Retelling of the Mi'kmaq Creation Story. Using the Creation story to introduce aboriginal games of probability and other math skills. Finally discuss the origin of these indigenous games
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Have students understand the story of creation and how it is relevant to and applied to real world (math game)
2. Students begin to understand probability
3. Bringing Mi'kmaq tradition into students lives and connecting them to heritage
4. Objectives-
1.To engage students in the story and tradition of the Mi'kmaq Tradition
2. Using a probability game that was played by the Plains Cree tribes to introduce the Plains tradition to the students as well as bringing math and basic probability knowledge to the students
3. To have students inspired to bring games home to parents and have discussions on both the Plains Cree and Mi'kmaq traditions
5. Materials and Aids-
Copy of the Plains Cree Game
Copy of the Mi'kmaq Creation Story
4 large sticks for dice
4 smaller sticks for tally (14/person)
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. The Creation Story
2. Explanation of key characters (Kisu'lk, Naku'set & Wsitqamu'k)

B. Development-

1. How the Plains Cree game can be related to the Mi'kmaq story
2. Explanation of the game

C. Practice-

Play the game


1. Final explanation on how the traditions of both tribes can be used to teach math to a class

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