1. Topic-

Analyzing Music Aurally
2. Content-
Work on increasing students ability to analyze music aurally and improve upon their own performance.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of personal musical performances.
2.Demonstrate characteristic vocal or instrumental timbre individually and in groups.
3.Perform expressively, incorporating appropriate stylistic qualities.
4. Objectives-
1.Analyze music performed by other ensembles.
2.Examine their playing and timbre.
3.Apply what they have heard and perform what they understand to be correct.
5. Materials and Aids-
Audio equipment, projector, recording equipment.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.The class will begin with the instructor presenting any announcements and then going straight into the warm-up routine declared by the instructor.
2.Next, the instructor will progress through the method book chosen, and choose which exercises he or she will go through with the band.
3.After the instructor will begin to have the students listen to a professional ensemble perform a piece that the students are playing themselves.

B. Development-

1.The warm-up session will be demonstrated by the instructor and will consist of varying interpretations of these simple exercises, which the instructor will either demonstrate or explain.
2.The instructor will walk the students through the assignment that they will do, analyze and write, and explain to them what it is that they will be doing after listening to the recording or performance of the ensemble.

C. Practice-

1.The warm-up routine will be guided and will not require much explanation, but there will be a great amount of monitoring, especially since the exercises will be varying in their difficulty and will push students to focus.
2.The analysis will be a guided activity and will also consist of providing instruction for the students to be able to complete homework, which will ask students to analyze and critique on their own at home.

D. Independent Practice-

1.The warm-up routine will be done in class and will not require any independent practice, but students are encouraged to keep practicing fundamentals on their own.
2.The in class analysis will comprise of a live listening example for the students to hear and will ask for them to give their opinion and the instructor will be putting them up on board as they are said. Then the students will be asked to provide their own opinion as to what they can improve upon for their performance.
3.For homework, students will be provided a listening example, and after listening they will be asked to write down a couple of things that they find good or bad about the performance, then they will write an overall opinion of the performance.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.There will be several expected accommodations during the warm-up routine since it will be increased in difficulty; either slowing down or taking time to really explain the point of the exercise.
2.For the in class assignment, there will be accommodations met since the instructor will be actively engaged in writing the students ideas on the board and reading them aloud. The students should successfully understand the value of the lesson, but the instructor will constantly question to check for the student's understanding.

F. Checking for understanding-

1.The warm-up routine will allow itself to open up for checking of understanding, because if students are unable to fully comprehend what is asked for, it will show, which should allow the instructor to take note and further explain and demonstrate if needed.
2.The point of the in class assignment will be to check for the students understanding of a "good band sound" and also check to see if they will be able to do the same during their homework assignment.

G. Closure-

1.Review of the necessary components of a good band sound.
2.Remind students to listen to example given and write the necessary analysis.
7. Evaluation-
1.Improvement in fundamentals.
2.In depth analysis by students of listening example.

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