Subject: Music Theory
1. Topic-
Authentic Cadences
2. Content-
Perfect and Imperfect cadences
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Understand what is an authentic cadence.
2. Understand the different types of authentic cadences.
3. Be able to segue into other types of cadences
4. Objectives-
1. How to write an A.C.
2. How to identify an A.C. in music
3.Can HEAR them in listening.
5. Materials and Aids-
Smart room with chalk/dry erase board.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. What is a cadence?
2. Why do we need them?
3. Where do they appear?

B. Development-

1. Different kinds, Focusing on Authentic Cadences.
2. Show examples of perfect vs imperfect cadences.
3. Explain the roll of an imperfect Vs perfect.

C. Practice-

1. Have them identify cadences I show them (point and ask/ or raise hand)
2. Show how to build a perfect/ have them build them on chalk boards in groups.
3. (When they understand how to build a perfect cadence) Show how to build an imperfect cadence/ Chalk board with group building them.
4. Listening practice, (Play on piano and students Identify)

D. Independent Practice-

1. Assignment identifying PAC/IAC
2. Practice composing PAC/IAC
3. Compose 6-8 mm leading to PAC and IAC cadences.

E. Checking for understanding-

1. Assignments
2. Aural Quiz
3. Written Quiz

F. Closure-

1. Questions?
2. Segue into other cadences
7. Evaluation-
1. Students and identify and hear the difference between PAC and IAC.
2. Can Understand what the function of a PAC and IAC plays in music.

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