Subject: Music and Movement
1. Topic-
Create a Song Using The Subject Health
2. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
Teach students about germs
3. Objectives-
- Students will create a song about germs
- Students will be able to discuss what germs are and how they can cause illness and disease in people of all ages.
- Students will be able to identify the symptoms of common illnesses and disease.
- Students will be able to identify basic parts of the body's defense system against germs.
- Students will identify ways to help their body fight germs.

5. Materials and Aids-
construction paper
cotton balls
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

What are Germs?

Germs are very small organisms that we cannot see with the naked eye. In order to see them we need a very powerful microscope. Germs are everywhere. They can cause sickness in people at any age.

Where do germs live?

Germs are everywhere, they can be found in the air, on our desks, and in our bodies.

Do germs always make us sick?

No. Our body has special defenses to prevent us from getting sick. These defenses are: our skin, our nose, mouth and throat, and special cells in our body.

Skin- provides a natural barrier to prevent germs from entering into our body. The only time our skin doesn't protect us from us from germs is when we have cuts. When we have cuts in our skin, it is possible for germs to enter our bodies. That is why it is important for us to clean out our cuts or abrasions when they occur.

Nose- helps fight germs because it is lined with tiny hairs. When we breath in the germs get caught in the hairs and when we breath out the germs are forced out.

Mouth- and throat also help fight germs. They are wet and sticky. Germs get stuck in our throat and mouth and don't go any further.

Fighting Cells- If the germ passes through our skin, nose, or throat and mouth and gets into our blood stream, there are special cells in our blood that fight germs. When germs come into our blood stream, these cells attack the germ and try to get rid of if it.

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