1. Topic-
Introduction to American Folk Music through Concept Attainment
2. Content-
Grade level: 9-12

CA State Standard: 3.3 Describe the differences between styles in traditional folk genres within the United States. (Proficient Level.)

Main Concept: Gospel Music - A style of religious music originally performed by African Americans that is characterized by:
*Dominant vocal melodies (often with harmony)
*Lyrics of a Christian nature
*A Cappella usually
*Strong rhythms
*Elaborate refrains
*Emotional, often joyous
*Slow or fast tempos
*Loud or soft dynamic ranges
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
Provide students a conceptual idea of the basic elements of folk styles, specifically, Gospel music
4. Objectives-
Students will define Gospel music and compare/contrast its defining musical attributes with country music.
5. Materials and Aids-
Various recordings of Gospel music and country music
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Direct students to sit and listen intently to a recording excerpt of a gospel song, but do not mention what the type of music is. Tell them to listen for main characteristics in the music so that we can define the style.

B. Development-

Write 'Characteristics' on the board, with a negative and positive side beneath, and ask students to begin speaking about the main elements of what they just heard (i.e. loud? slow? long phrases? etc.) Write the elements as they mention them (re-direct any answers that were not quite right), and make suggestions to add if students need help or did not mention some of the afore mentioned attributes. Replay the excerpt if needed.

Play another example of gospel music, once again, not telling the students what genre it belongs to. Ask them if the elements are similar or different.

Once the students have developed a list, ask them to define these attributes into a category of music (hopefully this would be 'gospel music').

C. Independent Practice-

Play a third example, this time of country music. Ask students to explain the main differences.

Finally, play another example of gospel music to reiterate the positive aspects

D. Closure-

Discuss the process of defining musical attributes and how these elements allow us to give definition to the various types of music.
7. Evaluation-
Homework: Have students find other examples of gospel music and the root musical style that it proceeded from.

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