October 26th 2010 Grade: 10
Gandera V. Subject: Fitness
Have students play bump for warm up.
Run the "Lay up" drill
Run the "Shooting drill/game"
Run the "team building drill"
Have students organized into three teams and play a half court game consisting of five minutes each in length.

Expected Outcome Of This Lesson Plan-
1. Improve students shooting ability.
2. Improve their lay up and dribbling abilities.
3. Improve the passing and team skills they possess.
Teacher Objectives-
1. During the game and drills, communication between the students is highly necessary; for basketball is a very vocal sport.
2. Have students cooperate and play respectfully and kindly.
3. They should realize the time to communicate, and when to listen to the teacher.
There are few materials required: half of the gym, the basketball nets folded down, approximately eight basketballs.
Teaching Methods-

1. Lesson Introduction-

1. Give the students the overview of what they will be doing in the class. (Bump, three drills, and a couple of games)
2. Give them and introduction of who you are, and how the class will be run, assuring them you require their respect.
3. Proceed with the lesson as followed.

2. Lesson Progression-

1.To play bump, divide the class into two. There are two basketball nets across from each other width wise. We will be running two separate games of bump, so it will run more smoothly and quicker. Have the students line up on each side in front of the key, the first two people receive a ball, the first person shoots. If the second person sinks the basket before the first. The first person to shoot is now out. As the students get "out" have them run laps around the gym until the match is over. Repeat three times.
2.The "lay up" drill: Have the students remain on either side of the half gym. Half of them will start at the top left of the key, running towards the basket and making a right handed lay up. Remembering that only two steps are allowed in the lay up. The other half will start at the other side of the key, getting the rebound. After five minutes, switch and have them do left handed lay ups while the right line receives the rebound.
3.The "shooting" drill: For this have the students remain on either side of the separated half gym. Tell them to stand on the left corner of the key, have half of the students shoot from there. The second half of the students will line up on the right side, similarly to the lay up drill, and receive the rebound. Switch once again after five minutes.
4. The team building drill is slightly more confusing, There will be three lines. two lines facing each other on opposing out of bound lines, at approximately the top of the three point ring. The remaining line will be underneath the basketball net. One of the out of bound lines will possess the balls, have the side with the balls pass to the opposing out of bound line. The person who initially passed will then run to the top of the key. The person who received the pass will do a layup. The person underneath the net will receive the rebound, and pass it to the person still standing at the key. The person at the key will shoot the ball, receive their own rebound and have the students switch lines each time, clockwise.

3. Guided Practice-

1. Have the students run bump for three to five rounds.
2. Then explain the next drill (lay ups), have them run this drill for the next 10-15 minutes.
3. Explain the next drill (shooting drill) and have them run this for 10-15 minutes.
4. Explain the next drill (team drill) and have them run this for 10-15 minutes.
5. Split them into three teams (separated by pinny colour, you can find pinnys in the gym locker) Have them play half court basketball, switch the losing team with the team sitting off each five minutes. Run till class is over.

4. Student Practice-

1. While students are doing drills, watch to see which are struggling and which seem to have mastered the drill.
2. Suggest the students struggling to watch the students striving, and take note of their technique.
3. Show them or point out with constructive criticism what they need to improve on.

5. Learner Accommodations-

1. Monitor the class, and allow no hand contact in basketball, light brushing is allowed but basketball at a high school level should be friendly.
2. Call fowls when they are playing the game, referee to your ability.

6. Assessment-

1. Watch for participation and make sure everyone is playing, and passing to each other. Everyone must be included in the game and drills
2. Effort is a huge part of this course, so look for those who are sweaty, tired, and out of breath.
3. Talent is a small part, but a part none the less. Watch for the talented ones, and encourage/compliment all of the students.

7. Lesson Closure-

1. The students should be happy to be playing basketball, and to have gym time. Remind them if they complain that we could be doing something involving much more fitness.
2. Ask politely at the end of class to those who would like to help clean up. Tell them the great job they have done and that you appreciate their effort.
Measuring Student Progress-
Skills test will be given at end of unit.

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)