1. Topic-
BCCC Recreational Activities for participants in the MIO program.
2. Content-
Activities that promote safety and enjoyment that enable residents to cope with the stresses that come from living inside a Community Corrections environment.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.To make sure all residents have a great understanding of the activity while enjoying it.
2.To be aware of your surroundings
3.Ensure that all participants and spectators are away from the target as the balls are tossed or rolled to avoid any injury.
4. Objectives-
1.Roll Call
2.Dynamic and static stretches to warm up
3.Activity:Introduction On how to play Bocce Balls
5. Materials and Aids-
Set of Bocce Balls
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Bocce (/bɒtʃi/; Italian pronunciation: [bɔttʃe]), sometimes anglicized as bocci,[1][2][3] is a ball sport belonging to the boules sport family, closely related to bowls and pétanque, with a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire. Developed into its present form in Italy (where it is called bocce, the plural of the Italian word boccia which means "bowl"),[4] it is played around Europe and also in overseas areas that have received Italian migrants, including Australia, North America, and South America (where it is known as bochas, or bolas criollas in Venezuela, bocha in Brazil). Bocce was initially played among the Italian migrants but has slowly become more popular with their descendants and the wider community.

The sport is also very popular on the eastern side of the Adriatic, especially in Croatia, Montenegro and Herzegovina, where the sport is known in Croatian as boćanje ("playing boće") or balote (colloquially also bućanje ).[5][6][7] In Slovenia the sport is known as balinanje[8] or colloquially "playing boče" or bale (from Italian "bocce" and Venetian "bałe", meaning "balls").[9] In Southern France the sport is also popular and known as Boule Lyonnaise.
2.Explain the rules to bocce

B. Development-

1.Demonstrate the different methods to to get closest to the target ball.
2.Rolling cue that mimics the act of bowling.
3.On the shoulder toss(shot put)
4.The under hand toss
5.Introduce the scoring concept.

C. Practice-

1.On the shoulder Toss
2.The Bowling cue or underhand roll
3.The under hand toss
4.scoring concept

Checking for understanding-

At the end of the class Residents should be able to understand the game of bocce and how it is played.


At the end of the class Residents should be able to understand the game of bocce and how it is played.

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