1. Objectives-
Demonstrate Intermediate volleyball skills to students and teach them how to apply the skills on court
2. Materials and Aids-
Volleyball, net, court, stop watch whistle
3. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Students will be shown 3 warm up drills in stations for 2 minutes at each station. The first warm up drill is the figure 8 drill. The instructor will have 2 students line up side by side with another single student in front of them about 6 feet away. One of The students standing side by side will toss The ball to The single individual who will then pass The ball back. The students will alternate positions while successfully keeping The ball in The air. The goal is achieve 5 straight passes.
The next drill is The pass short/pass deep drill. The instructor will have The students line up in a single file and will have The students step out One by One and toss them a short pass which they are expected to successfully pass back. The instructor will then immediately toss a deep pass which The student will have to successfully track down and pass back. Students are expected to retrieve their own balls if ball is mis-hit.
For the last warm up drill the instructor will have the students form two lines. One student from each line will step out and the instructor will toss them the ball and the two students must determine who will pass the ball back. The students are expected to call "mine" if they feel The ball is in their field of play. Students must track down balls if mis-hit

B. Practice-

Students will be put through a serve set and receive drill. The instructor will have The students line up in a single file line. The first three students are to step to The 1, The 2 and The 4 positions. The instructor will then serve The ball to The 1 positions who is expected to call "mine" and pass The ball to The 2 position who will then set The ball to The 4. The student in The 4 position will catch The ball and return it to The ball basket. Students will rotate in a counterclockwise manner till The have filled each position at least once. The person at 4 position will return to The end of line after placing The ball in The ball basket. Students are expected to track down The ball if mis-hit

C. Checking for understanding-

Students will line up on black line and will be asked questions on The drills they went through.
Question 1.: What three positions where used in The serve and receive drill?
Answer: 1,2,4
Question 2.: What should you call out to your teammates if The ball is headed in your direction?

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