Subject: Rhythmic Movement
1. Topic-
Line Dancing
2. Content-
Western (North American) style dance
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. To encourage students to enjoy dance, to learn simple dances steps, and to move to the beat of the music.
4. Objectives-
1. Practice counting to an 8 count while listening to music. Dancing should be done in a rhythm, and having students practice will help improve dancing abilities and the students to better stay on pace with music.
5. Materials and Aids-
Open space, music, CD player.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. Explain the dance you will be doing. Give a history of the dance, and some background information. Perform the dance an entire time through with the music while students observe what you are doing. Once you complete the dance once, being breaking the steps down one by one with the students.

B. Development-

Next, it is important to explain the steps to the students and have them practice the steps individually, and stack the steps on top of each other. So, they do the first step, learn the second, then practice the first and second together. This pattern continues for the entire dance. Here is the breakdown of a simple dance to demonstrate and then breakdown for the students:
1. Grapevine to the Right (step with Right foot to the right side, Left foot steps behind the Right, step Right foot to the side and Left foot closes beside the Right) (1-4)
2. Grapevine to the Left (step with Left foot to the left side, Right foot steps behind the Left, step Left foot to the side and Right foot closes beside Left) (5-8)
3. Step with Right foot diagonally to the front.
Close with Left foot.
4. Step with Left foot diagonally to the front. Close with Right foot.
5. Repeat diagonally with the Right foot.
Repeat diagonally with the Left foot.
6. Take 4 steps backward-Right, Left, Right, Left
7. Jump in place 4 times

C. Practice-

Make sure to break down each step of the dance individually and watch the students as you go through the dance to see if any students are struggling. If there are any students having a hard time, give them some extra help because it is hard for students who struggle with dance to keep up with students who are doing good.

D. Independent Practice-

High school students can have fun and creativity with the dance unit. Have students develop their own dance. Having them create their own dance will force them to have some creativity and put effort into the dance unit. Have the students to perform the dance for the entire class. Then, once they have performed, have the student teach the dance to the rest of the class and the entire class can do the dance together.

F. Checking for understanding-

Once you feel the students have mastered the dance, have them try without the instructor dancing in the front. Turn the music on, count them off to get started, and watch them perform the dance and see how they do dancing on their own.
After mastering the basic dance taught at the beginning of the class, have the class try some of their classmates dances. This is another good way to incorporate different dances and check for understanding and improvement of dancing skills.

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