Subject: Dance
1. Topic-
Rockin' Robin
2. Content-
To perform a simple, 4 wall line dance with correct sequence and rhythmic accuracy.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
Goal 3.2: Communicate in dance through application of artistic concepts, knowledge, and skills.
Goal 3.1: Identify and practice concepts essential to dance.
Goal 3.3: Communicate in dance through creative expression.
4. Objectives-
K-3.D.3.2.1 Repeat demonstrated body movements and rhythm patterns.
K-3.D.3.2.2 Move as an individual and as part of a group without talking.
4-5.D.3.1.2 Memorize set patterns of movement.
4-5.D.3.1.3 Identify and practice ways dancers warm up, stretch, and strengthen their bodies.
4-5.D.3.3.4 Learn and perform a simple dance, expressing its mood.
5. Materials and Aids-
Rockin' Robin song
Open Space
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Students will enter the gym and practice stretching to warm up their bodies
2.Students will then form into a line with enough space to feel "comfortable"

B. Development-

As a class, we will practice the dance together once, step by step.

C. Practice-

1.As a whole class, we will go back through the dance

The steps of the dance are as follows:
1. Walk forward 4 steps and clap on 4 (A more complicated strut with heels touching floor and toes up with each step may be used.)

2. Walk backward 4 steps to place and clap on 4.

3. Take 3 swivel steps (keep feet parallel to each other and turn first the toes, then the heels, then the toes) to the right and clap on 4.

4. Take 3 swivel steps to the left and clap on on 4.

5. Step right and touch left foot beside 2x; clap on count 4, step left, touch right 2x; clap on count 4. Repeat whole sequence 4x.

6. Eagle Walk--- (Eagle Walk: Like the old "Ball in the Jack" from years ago or also would look similar to a flapper- type move in the Charleston.) Turn in a circle to the right 3 steps and clap on the 4th step back in place. As you walk raise arms shoulder level, wave fingers, dipping shoulders high then low with each step.

7. Eagle Walk--Turn in a circle to the left 3 steps and clap on the 4th step in place.

8. Twist down (count 1), twist up (count 2) and turn left to face the new wall on(counts 3 and 4)and clap on counts 3 and 4 as you turn.

9. Repeat this sequence to all walls.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Children with moderate disabilities may just step in place and clap if swivel step is too hard or changes of direction are too complicated for them. Also, children in wheelchairs can be assisted by others or the teacher may assist.

Checking for understanding-

Split students into small groups and using a simple assessment sheet give each student plus, check, or needs improvement on performing a simple line dance with rhythmic accuracy and in the correct sequence. Use video taping to enable evaluation to take place after class is over or for students to self-assess at a later time.

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