1. Topic-
Passing and dribbling the soccer ball
2. Content-
Key Words are: dribble, strike, trap.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students demonstrate teamwork with others.

2. Students show individuality

3. Students demonstrate responsibility for safety of others.
4. Objectives-
1.Students will demonstrate competency in a variety of skills used in dance, gymnastics,sports, and other physical activities.
2.Students show awareness of personal responsibility for individual wellness.

3.PE7-8:11 Students will show safe behavior for self and others by demonstrating supportive and positive behavior.
5. Materials and Aids-
Soccer balls, cones
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Learning how to pass and dribble a soccer ball individually and with others.

2. Warm -ups (dynamic stretching)


B. Development-

1. Demonstration on how to strike the soccer ball using the inside of the foot and the outside of the foot. Then show how to trap(stop) the soccer ball when receiving a pass.
2. Demonstrate how to dribble the soccer ball with inside and outside of foot

C. Practice-

1. Break into groups of 3 or 4 to practice passing the ball to others using both inside and outside of the feet, and receive a pass by trapping the ball. One soccer ball per group.

2. Everyone gets a ball and begins dribbling in different directions with both sides of the feet while staying in the boundaries.



Today we went over how to dribble and pass a soccer ball. What were some of the ways we could dribble a soccer ball? How do we want to pass the soccer ball to another person? Next class we will be working on how to shoot and kick the soccer ball.

7. Evaluation-
1.Using cones- Go down using the inside of both feet, then back the other way using outside of both feet while going around the cones.

2.Team reaction dribbling- progression from previous dribbling activity now with a faster pace. The students will dribble their soccer balls around inside the boundaries there will be four cones set up at each corner. When I call a students name out everyone will have to dribble their ball as fast as they can around the nearest cone and back into the boundaries. If I don't say a classmates name that is in the class at the time then, the students have to put their finger on their nose while dribbling the soccer ball around, if someone starts to dribble towards the cone as fast as they can then they have to dribble around all four cones and then back into the boundaries while everyone continues to dribble around.

3. Keep- Away Passing activity- there are 2 defenders that are trying to intercept the soccer ball. The rest of the class are the attackers who are trying to keep the ball away from the defenders by passing the ball to one another, they can only dribble the ball a few steps and then they have to pass. If the defender intercepts the pass then the attacker switches places with the defender that got the ball. If there is a bad pass/ or someone couldn't trap (stop) the ball from going outside the boundaries then they become a defender. If the attackers make 10 consecutive passes without a defender intercepting the ball, the game is over and the defenders have to do a lap around the boundaries.

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