Subject: Soccer Unit
1. Topic-
Introduce students to the basic skills necessary to play soccer.
2. Content-
Soccer- a game played with 11 players. Kick- Using the feet or legs to move the ball forward. Dribble- Small controlled kicks that keeps the ball in contact with your foot as you travel up and down the soccer field. Pass- kicking the ball to a player on your team. Trap- Stopping a moving ball by placing your foot on top of it.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Introduce students to the skills necessary to play a game of soccer.
2.Students should be able to execute each skill without help.
3.Successfully using the skills in a game against other players.
4. Objectives-
1.Students perform each of the following tasks correctly. Stop, dribble, trap, kick and pass.
2.Students should be able to execute each skill without help.
3.Practice will enable the students to utilize these skills in a game against other players.
5. Materials and Aids-
Soccer ball(s) jerseys, cones.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Brief overview of field.
2.Ask if anyone currently plays soccer.
3.Explain that over the next few classes that they are going to learn the skills necessary to play soccer.

B. Development-

1.Show students as a whole group each of the skills.
2.If a student knows the skills, have them demonstrate as I describe the skill.

C. Practice-

1.Students divide into groups. Have students stand behind row of cones.
2.The group will one at a time dribble around cones and back again, giving the ball to the next person.
3.Walk along the rows observing, and correcting errors.

D. Independent Practice-

Partner practicing if time permits.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

More advanced students may work with others having difficulty.

F. Checking for understanding-

Have students tell me what each soccer skill is, and show me the skill.

G. Closure-

1.Review the skills.
2.Tell students the skill that will be covered during the next lesson. Ticket out.
7. Evaluation-
1.Students will demonstrate the understanding of the skills by showing me the skills.
2.Students will be above level if they can perform and name the skill correctly.
8. Teacher Reflection-
Fun activity that allows the students to move and demonstrate their understanding of soccer skills. This will lead up to competitive games, contests, and other soccer related activities

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