Subject: Working Your Gift
1. Topic-
Developing the Mogul Mindset: PHASE 1, Working Your Gift/Purpose
2. Content-
- Writing Your Vision
- Making it Plain
- Running With It
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Bring fellowship and promote unity within the Body, catapulting cooperation of the members for the greater good of the house.
2. Purpose the members to acknowledge and accept personal value, assuring each member as an asset to the Body, and ultimately directing them to their wealthy place.
3. Enable the growth of multi-talents and strengths and discover how each gift coincides with the other, teaching and learning through demonstration.
4. Objectives-
1. As we work to perfect each gift, we will exhibit them through demonstration to teach as well as learn the skills of each member.
2. We will build the "Mogul Mindset"� as we work to sharpen our talents and skills to bring them to demonstration.
3.Will be brought to a public outreach forum where those who have perfected can now teach, recruit, and brand the name of RMFI/KEC.
5. Materials and Aids-
We will provide informational packets which include: How to Write a "Purpose Plan" (business plan), also resources and instruction on how to create websites, business cards, and flyers, will create a prototype for each individual. We will provide name tags, and financial, demonstration, and faith confessions. We will provide calendars for mapping out progress
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

(Habbakuk 2:2)(1 Timothy 1:6)
1.- Writing Your Vision- Identifying and accepting calling and purpose, writing you desires in a "Purpose Plan"� (like a business plan)
2. Share and identify our specific gifts. Make name tags to enable the mogul mindset through visual encouragement.
3. Supply Confessions about finance, demonstration and faith, encouraging members gifts through belief and power of prayer and words STIRRING UP THE GIFTS

B. Development-

1. - Making it Plain- Implementation of Purpose Plan. Establishing real time frames for success and business, identifying personal and overlooked hidden resources, narrowing down strategies within Purpose Plan for intentions of immediate "real life"� implementation
2. Marketing Strategies- tutorial on how to design and create email blasts, flyers, business cards, websites, etc. and the power of "word of mouth"
3.Who are we trying to reach? Lesson on Identifying our demographic and how to expand to make our gifts "all things to all people"

C. Practice-

1. - Running With It- Presentation (Talent Showcase), Branding your Business, exhibiting products and merchandise
2. Practicing public speaking and how to translate your gift to all
3. Set date to exhibit to the public live demonstrations of members gifts and talents.

D. Independent Practice-

1. Before commencement of this program, Minister Amy will have completed/be completing the course, as to be a living demonstration. She is nonexempt.
2. Members will take home materials and create strategies based on classes. There will be a daily "idea" take-home assessment, encouraging members to be creative on a daily basis and add perfecting and creative elements to the foundation of their Purpose Plans.
3. Creating concepts in class will then be taken home to create their own websites and find other resources to market and Brand their gifts.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Within the preliminary classes, there will be an assessment to "narrow down" 3 possibilities, and focus on one gift at a time. Time will be provided for the members to choose their individual focus, but there will be adequate pressure to waste no time. We are looking for effective immediate results.

F. Checking for understanding-

1.After each lesson will be a mini-quiz to see what is learned.
2. To accommodate the mini-quiz will also be a feedback survey to gage what elements within the lesson plans may need fixing.

G. Closure-

1. Developing the Mogul Mindset: PHASE I will end upon the demonstration period. Members will receive certificates of completion.
2. There will then be a segway into Developing the Mogul Mindset PHASE II: New Originals-God's Intended Purpose Making a Comeback.

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