Subject: Life in Christ
1. Topic-
Morality- The Term
2. Content-
Explore the term Morality. What does it mean? What are its characteristics? OBJECTIVE (exists outside our minds to be figured out)
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Recognize the characteristics of Catholic Morality
2.Distinguish between Objective Facts and Subjective Opinions
3.Understand resources with respect to searching for the facts of morality
4. Objectives-
1.Morality is the science of determining what man ought to do by reason of who he is.
2.Objective Facts are truths that exist outside our minds (2+2=4, no matter what). Subjective opinions are matters or preferences existing inside our minds. (I like the Cleveland Indians better than the New York Yankees).
3.It is man's obligation to investigate into the truth of a moral situation/ decision.
5. Materials and Aids-
Ppt/ Chalkboard
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.We have established Natural Law, that there seems to be, what Lewis calls, the natural moral law.
2.What is this moral law, though? Is it determined by society? No. Is it determined by individual persons at their whims (subjectively)? No.
3.Then What is it?...

B. Development-

1.Morality is:
I) The science
B)TRUTH- Morality exists outside the mind... Segway this into Matter of Taste vs. Matter of Truth...
II)of determining
B)Common Human Experience (CS Lewis Abolition of Man)
C)Divine Revelation
III)What man ought
A) Highest standard-- because it is a standard, what good would it be if it were not the highest standard?
IV)to do
A)Human conduct
V)by reason of who he is.
A) human capability
2. A neglect toward either logic, common human experience, or Divine Revelation through Jesus Christ can leave man in a quandary towards how best act out a moral decision/situation.

C. Practice-

1.In-class discussion.
2.Questions for class...

D. Independent Practice-

1.Continue to work on CS Lewis handout
2.Continue to work on CS Lewis paper
3.Study for test with handout

E. Checking for understanding-

Announced Quiz on Friday

F. Closure-

End with handing out CS Lewis paper assignment due two days after exam.

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