Subject: "Color the World "
1. Topic-
Missions: Sharing the love of Christ with others. It is our job/assignment from God to tell the world about Jesus.
2. Content-
We get the special job of telling the WHOLE world about God as His love. The Bible tells us that it is our job to show other people about Him and about how we can live with Him forever in heaven.
Words to Emphasize:
Sinners "Lost People"
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Love God
2.Love ourselves
3.Love others

4. Objectives-
1. To show them the true love of God
2. He lives in our hearts and is our HELPER
3.We have to share this gift with the world
5. Materials and Aids-
Videos of needy children
Paint ... canvas ...
I am creative and so I would use an object to illustrate this point of my message.
I would have a canvas with the continents drawn on and I would have a person shaped sponge and show the kids how God fills us (put sponge in paint) and uses us to "Color the World"
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.John 3:16 - How much God loves you
2. He is our helper and comforter
3.We have to let the rest of the world know they can get God's love and help

B. Development-

1.white canvas with continents
2. as I talk about the love that fills us I will put paint on the sponge and paint America. I will explain how we can spread the love around
3.I will talk about how when we are older we can go all around the world and share the love. But for now when we are smaller , we can pray for them.

C. Practice-

I will create the first painted canvas with God's love then give the kids a copy of one on paper and let them stamp their world too. This is a take home reminder of our job to witness.

D. Independent Practice-

I will encourage them to read their bible and pray for lost people. We will pray for a country each week as a class.

F. Checking for understanding-

I will as questions and make sure that they comprehend everything that we talked about.

G. Closure-

1.We will have "time with Jesus" and talk to him about our job that he has for us to do.
2.Pray together and dismiss

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