1. Topic-
What is Worship?
2. Content-
Study of the Tabernacle of Moses (altar, laver,lamp, shewbread, incense, veil, ark of the covenant. God's manifest presence
The act of loving God.(to kiss like a dog licking his master's hand, to crouch, prostrate oneself in homage, do reverence, to adore Eg.Abraham/Jesus
Intense devotion Abraham/Jesus
Highest Value or worth (Worthy)
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.Students will understand we can only worship God in Spirit and truth.
2.To worship God we have to come through Jesus Christ.
3.Students will experience worshipping God in dance.
4. Objectives-
Students should
1.Explain what the tabernacle teach us about worship? Use the chart provided
2.Compare the tabernacle with the human body. Identify similarities.
3.What item in the tabernacle is a picture or a symbol of salvation, renewing of the mind , our daily walk with God, prayer, worship(coming into direct contact with God)
4. Why we no longer need the tabernacle to worship God Scripture Ref. John 4:24
Hebrews 9
5. Materials and Aids-
1. Charts of the Tabernacle
Chart of Abraham and Isaac
2. Images of man(body , soul and spirit)
3. Worship worksheets
5. Pencil
6. Tape Recorder
7. Bow Down
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1.Ask students to explain the pictures on Chart 1
2.Read Genesis22:1-12 Focus on verse 5 Worship is the act of loving God. Later God introduced His people to the tabernacle (Exo.25:1-9)

B. Development-

1.Carefully examining the
2.Explain it's structure and furniture and their significance to us today Explore what happens in the Holy of Holies (bowing, worship)(Revel5:8-14) 3.Compare the tabernacle to Jesus on the cross and to the structure of the human body

C. Practice-

1.Levels in Dance warm up (plies, in different positions of the feet, reach in a stretch with the hands, kneeling, sitting using Bow Down

2.Technique (walks, lounge, bowing, prostrate)

3.Free dance (improvisation)

D. Independent Practice-

1.Research why we worship for next class

2.Color Abraham and Isaac

F. Checking for understanding-

1.Write as much as you can remember about what is worship

2.Label the Tabernacle and match the location of each part of man (body soul and spirit to the different parts of the tabernacle)

G. Closure-

1.Examine daily if you are putting God first.


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