1. Topic-
The Earth.
Students will identify and research the four major layers of the Earth. (Crust, Outer Core, Inner Core, Mantle)
2. Content-
MA Frameworks

Science 6-8

2. Describe the layers of the earth, including the lithosphere, the hot convecting mantle, and the dense metallic core.


G3-5: 3.6 With teacher direction, use appropriate technology tools (e.g., graphic organizer) to define problems and propose hypotheses.
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. To research relevant information on the topic.
2. To successfully show understanding of a semantic map.
3. To be able to input research into the semantic map.
4. To cooperatively work with a group member.
5. To be able to self monitor throughout the project.
4. Objectives-
1. Students will do appropriate research on the topic.
2. Students will understand semantic networking.
3. Students will design use the topic to design a semantic network.
4. Students will cooperate in groups of two.
5. Students will monitor their own work.
5. Materials and Aids-
Students will be supplied with reading materials.
Student will get highlighters.
Students will be provided with paper to take notes.
Students will have access to Inspiration.
Students will be provided with an overhead or smartboard to present their projects.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

1. I will give the class the topic for the semantic network.
2. We will identify the four layers and write them on the board.
3. We will brainstorm ideas about what they should research related to the four major layers.
4. We will talk about ways we can organize the ideas.
5. I will introduce them to the concept maps.
6. I will tell them that they have to have a minimum of four ideas for each layer.

B. Development-

1. Students will use research materials to find information they need.
2. They will highlight or take notes depending on the materials that they are using.
3. We will generate a list on the board of all their ideas.
4. I will show them how to put a fact into a node.

C. Practice-

1. I will put them in pairs. 2. They will work together to pick some ideas off the board to use on their maps.
3. They will put each fact into a node.
4. The students will check to make sure that they have four for each layer.
5. When each group is finished I will show them how to link their nodes to the appropriate places.

D. Independent Practice-

1. I will give the students a list of links to use. (Inclusion relations)
2. They will use the links provided to match their nodes to the right layer on the map.
3. Once I check their maps, they will be allowed to expand and add pictures if ready to do so.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. I will pair students of higher ability with students of lower ability.
2. I will make any accommodations according to any IEPs provided.
3. I will have examples ready, in case a group is struggling to organize.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. I will monitor each group throughout the assignment to give informal feedback.
2. Students will monitor their own progress after each step.

G. Closure-

Each pair of students will be able to present their semantic network to the class.
7. Evaluation-
1. I will provide a rubric in the beginning for each group to follow as they go.
2. Each student will write an individual self reflection following the project.
8. Teacher Reflection-
This will be completed following all group presentations.

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)