1. Topic-
The Four Seasons
2. Content-
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1.To briefly understand how the earths position effects weather.
2.To be aware that seasons affect different locations differently.
3.To understand how seasons occur.
4. Objectives-
1.Describe the differences between the four seasons.
2.Understand how and why the different seasons occur.
3.Be able to identify the season based on weather conditions
5. Materials and Aids-
Science Textbook
Maps of the world
Visual Aids and Photos
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Ask students to describe the differences that they have noticed between the seasons(winter, spring, summer, and fall) seasons go by. List responses on board so that students can compare.
Begin to introduce why these seasons occur. Ask students if they already know prior to lesson.

B. Development-

1.The seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth's rotational axis away or toward the sun as it travels through its year-long path around the sun. - The farther/closer the earth is from the sun, the colder/warmer our temperatures are.

2. As the earths position affects the season, certain parts of the earth are more dramatically effected as well. (show picture of earth) Explain difference between the north and south hemispheres as applies to sun position.

C. Practice-

Activity: You'll need to find a flashlight with a bright beam and then go into a dark or a dim room. Turn the flashlight on and hold it straight above a table or some other flat object. Hold it close enough to the table so that you can see a definite circle of light. Notice the size of the circle and the brightness of the light. Now, hold the flashlight the same distance away from the table, but at an angle.

Questions:Do you see how much more area the light has to cover when the flashlight is held at an angle? This is the same thing that happens when the light from the sun hits the earth at an angle.

D. Independent Practice-

Draw/color pictures of each season as you currently understand them.
Interact in groups to compare difference of students from same and different locations.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

As a group, students will create a sun and earth out of play-doh,students will use toothpicks to create axis. In order to show their knowledge of how the sun rotates to change temperature, students will demonstrate the position of the sun/earth per each season.

F. Checking for understanding-

1.Class-Wide questions will be asked requesting details of each season.
2.Diagrams of each season will be presented, students will be required to list differences between the four.
3.Each student will be do a compare and contrast against two US states during one season.

G. Closure-

1. Lesson will be briefly re-capped in order to ensure knowledge.

2.Students will be encouraged to explore the seasons outside and online.
7. Evaluation-
1.10 Question Quiz
2.Review of Compare and Contrast

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