Human Genome Project: Designer Babies
Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Be able to identify the process used for creating Designer Babies and explain the reasons for it.
2. Be able to explain the ethical implications of Designer Babies.
3. Be able to identify and understand possible advances of designer babies for the future.
Materials and Aids-
Guided Notes

A. Introduction-

Designer babies is a process of engineering the genetics of a human being.

B. Development-

1. Starts with scientists discovering the ability to identify the genes that determine things such as obesity, gender, physical appearance and personality traits.
2. When completed, parents would be able to look at bottled genes and insert those genes into the embryo to predetermine the baby's personality, looks, etc.
3. Development of this procedure is slow because of the argument as to whether it is ethical or not.

C. Practice-

1. What is the Designer Babies process?
2. How does the process of Designer Babies work?
3. What are some arguments as to why it is considered unethical?

D. Checking for understanding-

What are your opinions of Designer Babies?

E. Closure-

Designer babies is an up and coming procedure with many different opinions that come along with it. It is one example of a product of the Human Genome Project.
1. Are the students able to sufficiently answer their learning targets?
2. What are things that could've been executed better in the lesson plan?

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