1. Topic-
Medical Terminology and the Muscoloskeletal System
2. Content-
Root words, suffixes, prefixes, disorders, procedures, anatomical positioning
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-
1. Students will be able to break apart a medical term to find its definition
2. Students will be able to differentiate between different anatomical positions.
Materials and Aids-
Post-it notes or tape and index cards, markers for labeling terms, Med Term Musculoskeletal Worksheet one for each student, medical terminology books, medical dictionaries, Internet access for research, Activities for Anatomical Positioning

A. Introduction-

1.Students will look over the worksheet on their own and fill in the blanks if they know what a term means.
2.On the cards they write anatomical directional and orientation terms. Students should also put an arrow or arrows pointing in the direction the term describes on their cards, students can use Internet or textbooks to find out what the terms mean. (Please see Activities for Anatomical Positioning)

B. Development-

Instructor will have a whole class discussion about the meaning of the different word parts.

C. Practice-

1.After students have completed their cards, have them find a partner. Using tape if they do not have post-it notes, students then take turns placing the cards in the correct location on their partner's body. For example, if the card is SUPERIOR (with an arrow pointing up), it could be placed on a student's forehead; or, if the card is DISTAL (with an arrow pointing toward the outer edge), the card might be placed on the student's fingers or wrists.
2.As they place each card on their partner's body, they should make a correct sentence using the term.
Examples: The head is SUPERIOR to the neck.
The fingers are DISTAL to the elbow.

Checking for understanding-

Play the Simon Says game. (Please see Activities for Anatomical Positioning)


Review terms and meanings with class before dismissal.
7. Evaluation-
Students will complete a short quiz before they leave for the day.

This Lesson Plan is available at (www.teacherjet.com)